Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher Review in #5 Apricot Pudding

1:37 AM

Ellow, ladies! 
I am coming back with another blush on review.
Oh my, another blush on! Yah, i know, but i can`t help it, mah,
blush on is my biggest flirt out of all make up.

I won this blush on from Bunny Beaute Giveaway and i really love it.
Thanks Liana for giving me this cutie.
It is 8.5 grams and retailed at approximately 60.000 to 80.000 rupiahs at local online shop.

About Lovely Cookie Blusher

Etude House NEW Lovely Cookie Blusher: Various beautiful and bright colors lasts for long time on your cheeks with its sebum control powder and coating pigment.

There are 10 shades available for the new series. They name it after foodie, like apricot, strawberry and grapefruit. Really, hearing the name has made me want already. Mine is shade number 5 Apricot Pudding. 


The packaging is super cute leh! Currently, this is the cutest blush in my stash!
The front cap is clear, showing a fluffy puff underneath.
Below, it is a plastic base and the color is matching with the blush on.

The puff is suppa cute also. Fluffy,soft and able to pick enough blush on.
I really like to use this puff, even more than using my blush brush.


It does not really show on my hand. It seems just like a peck of beige peachy colored.
It seems to be light colored on the pan too. Well, the story is different once it applied on the cheek.
I need effort to make it show but since i have a fair skin, i can never go wrong with this blush.
Though not very pigmented, i can build the color up confidently because the color is subtle and natural. 

It has tiny shimmer inside, but i consider the finish to be matte. The shimmer does not really show, so it is okay. I like it more this way. Just perfect for college and daily errands. It stays for a good 4 hours on air conditioned room.

Final thoughts

I think this blusher is lovely. Purrfect for me lha. The color is subtle and natural. Moreover the packaging is cute. It has been really fun using the baby. If you are a beginner in make up and do not want to look too much, this is a great stuff. But then, if you are looking for a "serious" knockout blush on, this might not be the one.

See you later babes,

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  1. aku punya ini ce, tapi ga gitu keluar warnnya :/
    cuma shimmer nya aja haha >.<

  2. Ahhh... I can't help myself when I look at a nice blusher too... T.T

  3. not pigmented :|
    punyaku yg shade no 2, pigmented tpi harus 3x pengaplikasi bru nongol deh tuh warna..


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