Tutorial: Sweet Pink

1:57 PM

Another no brainer make up tutorial for daily look!

Yooohooo hehehehe..

Dear girls, today i want to share my daily look with you. This is the kind of color that i would wear when i use clothes with red vein on it, say like red, pink, and maroon. Well, the amazing color is PINK!

PINK is sweet and a very girly color It enhances our eyes without being way way too much. Hahaha sometimes we girls are picky like that. We want to look pretty, using make up, but do not want to look obvious. So, this is that kind of make up. Unobvious.

Difficulty: Easy

Time to prepare: approximately 10 mins.

Appropriate for: day look, work, school, and college wear

What i use…

Eyes: Face on face eyeshadow in Blooming Rose, Ratu Ayu Eyeliner, Holika – holika jewel light eyeliner, Maybelline Stilleto mascara

Face: Etude House BB Cream Bright Fit and Revlon Touch and Glow loose powder

Cheek: Covergirl blush on in peach perfection

Lips: Revlon bitten balm stain in sweetheart

Step by step

1. Dab the bubblegum pink color on the lid, and blend it upwards with the beige color.

2.Line your eyes with eyeliner

3. Highlight your tearduct with shimmery white eyeliner.

4. Curl your eyelashes

sweet pink day tutorial

Done! And then apply your face make up as usual. Simple!

And this is my FOTD! hehehe Please pardon my chubby cheek aight? Looks like i gain some more weight from the thesis stress hehehe..

sweet pink2

I hope you find it useful!

Adios, chica!


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  1. sangat bermanfaat :) cantik banget <3


  2. Muka ci Hana Mulus banget >.< Pengen

  3. Hello hana! =)

    its cute and very easy! i am now in the process of creating a perfect eyeliner! =) its great for an everyday look! thanks for sharing hana! =)


  4. Wah, yang udah graduate posting terus nih... (ngiri-ngiri) lol
    Bagus ya, natural bgt keliatannya. :)


  5. han, dari kemarin pke e/l mu pake ratu ayu
    bagus ga ? beli dimana say ?

  6. such a cutie!

    Would you like to follow each other? Please check out my blog and let me know!


  7. hanaaa, lama ga keliatannn..
    nice tuto as usual :*

  8. suka banget warna eyeshadownya <3


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