Review: Expert Eyelash Glue

9:54 AM

Found this in a local cosmetic store near my house, i wasn`t sure at first. The beauty assistant lady half pushed and forced me to buy >.<, that was why i gave it a chance.

ub 115

Price: around 10.000 or $1

Amount 7 g

ub 119 

It comes witha white stick like this to adhere the falsies to our skin. Quite useful though it is so stiff, it hurts.

ub 123

The brush is thin and stiff, allows me to apply it thinly and precisely to the falsies band. I like it. The glue has high adherence, sometimes it can be hurt to take the falsies off if i put too much glue.Good news? Yeah, it precisely hold my falsies in place until i took it off. So strong!. The formula has no odor and transparent. I love it!

Rating 4/5

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