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I bought these babies sometime around last month, and the result have been satisfying. I have two shades, which are icicle rose and also coffee. Both have two functions, as eyeshadows and also an eyeshadow base. 

Icicle rose: Shimmery white eyeshadow with a hint of pink. Great for highlighter.
Coffee: Brown eyeshadow, and great for everyday color

Icicle rose and coffee
Packed in a lipgloss-like tube, it becomes very handy to bring along. The applicator is also like a lipgloss. It is pretty sturdy and doesn`t leak on my purse

I think this is one of my favorite make up product. No kidding. They both are so useful i like `em very much. The color is very pretty. Icicle rose even works well as a highlighter. I use it on the tearduct, nose bridge, cupid bow and my cheek bones. The result are very natural, and the shimmer is subtle. Wooww, this is all i can ask for a good highlighter!!

 It is also pigmented. You absolutely can see it in my swatch, one swap and it is enough for the whole lid. Well, my eyes are definitely very small. If you have bigger eyes, you might need more. 

The texture is creamy, easy to blend, but it dries very fast. You need to blend right after you apply it, because if you don`t do so, the color might dries up, and you end up with those ugly hard edges and uneven color.

The last good thing about it is the longevity. These products definitely stays put the entire day. Since i am a working girl who do my best to stay pretty :P LOL, i ussually put make up on after cooking. Then, i ussually do not do any touch up until 10 pm. I would say wearing these alone is enough. I go home, and the pretty colors from these eyeshadows are still there. Fade a bit? Yeah. But it still looks okay. 

Other than highlighter and eyeshadow, you can also use it as eyeshadow base. Three purposes in one product! Waaa.. hehehe here are the swatches for you.. 

The icicle rose is pretty right? It reflects the light therefore great for highlighting the face

The one in "hearts" are eyeshadow + Maxfactor masterpiece, whereas the other is only eyeshadow

This eyeshadow definitely intensify the color. Icicle rose makes the eyeshadow looks richer, whereas coffee intensify the eyeshadow and makes it darker. Hmm, i like it both! How about you? Have you tried these eyeshadows?

Rating : 5/5
Repurchase? YES, another shade


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  1. Beautiful shades & the product sounds fab too!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    Nice blog honey :) I'm a new follower!

  2. warnanya cantik :) thanks for review :)

    join giveawayku yuks di

  3. Boleh tau harganya ga ce ?
    Berapa yah kira" ? Thanks ! xD


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