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12:37 AM

Hi everyone :). How are you? Today i am going to review another BB Cream from Skin 79, i got this in gold also. Read the review here. I ussually use this for afternoon, and then the gold one is for night time. The finishing is semi - matte. Very lovely.   

Key features:
- Contains Adenosine and Arbutin
- Richly filled with OSMOPUR ingredient: sunflower, ricebran, and ivy extract
- SPF 25 PA ++ to intercept the UV Rays
What i love about it:
- Lovely packaging and comes with a pump
- Makes my skin smooth and supple
- Good oil control, last all day
- Medium coverage, leave my skin smooth appears fine.
- Affordable
- Absorbs easily to the skin

What i hate about it:
- It has grey undertone, so if i don`t dust it with a lighter face powder. I am going to look tanner.

A little comparison

The gold one is nicer :).. It looks more elegant and more expensive with the hologram.

Oil control:
Yay to the pink one and nay to the gold one. Pink one has better oil control whereas gold is more moisturizing

Texture, coverage, longevity:
About the same, but gold offers dewy - er finish.


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  1. iy si hot pink ini trlalu grey undertone ya, pas dipakai jdnya keliatan kusam -,-

  2. iya, setuju ma ce cesil
    abu-abu bgt, jadinya kusam, ngeblend nya juga agak susah menurutku >.<


  3. sharing juga~ agak kusamnya bener sih cuman kalau ngeblendnya ga susah menurutku he5.. aku malah suka pakai BB cream ini~ oil control dan coveragenya bagus

  4. hehehe, buat ngatasin kusamnya, aku akalin pakai bedak revlon yang touch and glow. Kalau ndak gitu bedak marcks yang pink sekalian. dijamin gak kusam hahahaha..

  5. Oil controlnya okay...jadi pengen beli...thank you for sharing
    Sharing fotd nya donk...


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