Revlon Nail Polish in Touch of Mauve Review

9:23 AM

Living in a boarding house and live far from my family somehow force me to live independently and being money wise ( FYI: Doesn`t apply on cosmetic). It includes handwashing my laundry. That is why i don`t really do nails. Moreover, i am also sucks at doing nails. I rarely achieve that colored smooth and pampered looking nails.

I have a collection of nail polish tho, and this is my favorite. It is from Revlon and cost me around 30.000/USD 3. Yaa, affordable lha, moreover it comes in a pretty big bottle, so it is going to last for longer period. 

The color is pinkish mauve, and it applies easily. If i don`t do laundry, it lasts for quite a long time. zacting1.gif More than a week.

Kyaa, don`t laugh at it! Hahaha my application is so fugly mister.gif! Anyway this is how the color turns out. I love it, really suits my feminime self.

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