Life is good! Cookies, New School and a Bunch of Gifts

4:21 PM

Hai hai, dear readers.. How is life treating you? Today i want to share with you things that have been catching my attention. Before i got the accident, i managed to go to food exhibition that was held in Grand City Exhibition Center, Surabaya. I saw this cookie machine in one of the booth, and i fell in love with it in that instant. It was so cool and convenient! Aaidea.gif , lets save some money to take this machine home...

Cookie machine

What is it? It is called Chicken cordon bleu from Solaria Restaurant. Gladly, it is very affordable, hmm around 20.000 - ish per portion. Our favorite part of this dish is the melted cheese inside.. YUMMY...  

And... the best part of this post is this huge collection (for me) of make up given by my juniors. They come from faraway, Belgium and USA. Thanks! I already made a review about Milani Baked Eyeshadow here. Aa.. It feels so great to have this collection!

Ah, ya, remember my sister, Reta? She has finally went to culinary school in Surabaya Hotel School. Let`s pray the best for her! laugh.gif

Yaaa, tho life is tough sometimes, simple things like this somehow can make my day and remind me how good life can be. So, never give up! Fighting

Listening to music1.gif: Hero (again!can`t get enough of it!) by Mariah Carey
Loveflora.gif : Another Chinese ointment called Ching Wan Hung
Hateraning.gif : Annoying Wounds

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  1. your post made me smile :) hehe
    good luck to your sis~

    1. Thank you anyaa... my sis said thanks to u :)


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