How to find our life goals

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If you are like me, 20 something and serious about your life, I believe you will ask yourself endlessly about what you want to do in your life. It is seriously common and cliche question.

I personally see this question very special because far too much, in my life, I have seen example of people who lead a boring life. Wake up, do something that they don`t like to do, go home, complaint, sleep, and then do the same thing over and over again. I do not want to have this kind of life. NO. NO. I mean, I know life is a hard fight, but since it like this, I better fight a good and meaningful one. 


Sadly, this epiphany, that Eureka moment when you finally know what you want to do in life doesn`t come easy. Hell, yeah, I really hope that God just whisper it to me, like " Hey, you need to be a doctor" or suddenly appear and give me a list about what I should do in my life. Then life would be a clear journey. He is not, though. 

Then, How do you figure out your life path? 

1. LIVE IT. Take chances. 

When I was in college, I was ACTIVE. I practically joined every competition posted in the announcement board. Getting involved in student association, opened a start up, met new people, and live my life as full as it can be. Does it help in finding what I most passionate about? YES. It helps me to figure it out what I don`t like to do. Being ACTIVE helps me understand who I am. 


Sometimes we over glorified entrepreneurs. We think that by opening our business and being our own boss is A DREAM. The coolest thing in the world. But guys, it is not cool at all. Opening a start up means lots and lots of hardwork, sometimes it is even bloodier then working under a vicious boss. Seriously. It is not for me. So, even if entrepreneur sounds cool and everything, I know I would be miserable living as entrepreneur. 

What I mean is... I know that we live in society that glorify some jobs like businessman, doctors, or bankers. Sometimes, what we are happy to do CLASH with others expectation or your own expectation. When that happens, you got two choices. First, you can try. You can try to be entrepreneur, Do your best, savor every sufferings, and ask yourself if this is what you want to do in life. Then you can follow your dream with your whole heart. You won`t look back and blame yourself for not being someone cool. Second, close your ears and just directly follow your dream.

If you love teaching, TEACH. If you love to be a cashier, be a cashier if that makes you happy. Even if you find joy being a social worker, believe your guts, and be a social worker no matter what people say. BECAUSE YOU ARE SPECIAL. Not everyone is born a businessman. Not everyone is born to work for huge company. Everyone is born to be happy.


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