The Face Shop Arsainte Eco Therapy Vitalist Serum

1:14 AM

What is this?
This is a beauty serum for brightening and revitalizing skin. It has 100% rose water to moisturized, black tea extracts to soften your skin, quinoa seed extraxt to energized, and red tea extract for resilience.

How to use?
Wash your skin, and then apply toner. Pat this serum gently onto your skin.

What do I think about this serum?
Lately, I didn’t get enough sleep, so my skin got a problem. I had a little zits, and also it was a little bit dry and dull *sobs*. So, I apply this serum every night. It looks like a clear water. With a slight but nice fragrance ( It is just very very slight tho).  Just one drop, and it goes all the way. Then I go sleep.

When I wake up, I feel that my face is greasy and oily. After I wash it, I can feel that my skin is well moisturized. Hmmm..Nice J After using it a week, it evens out my skin. I haven`t see any brightening effect, but I am quite pleased with the even out effect. Overall I love this serum. I would suggest this for you who has dry skin.  
Rating: 5/5
Rephurchase: Yaaa

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