Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake shade 2 Review

11:54 PM

A new found love for eyebrow powder!
I use to have NYX eyebrow pallete and lost it somehow when i did make up at UPH Festival
I was still regret it everytime. Well, before i find this eyebrow cake!

Description on the back of the packaging
Each color produced to define and shape brows, plus a complimenting setting powder to keep them looking WOW! Set comes with blending brush

40.000 rupiahs at the online store

Beauty Chica thoughts~

Sturdy Packaging, mirror and good applicator

I am such a clumsy girl. I believe I have dropped my make up at least once. Hehehe I have such a feeble hand. I too, dropped this Choco Eyebrow Powder two times already. The cake stayed, it won`t budge and it didn`t break either. The packaging is sturdy with cute vintage emboss depicting angel and brand name. I love how this cake comes with mirror and good applicator also. Though the applicator is stiff and harsh but somehow it works on applying the eyebrow powder.


The eyebrow cake is tagged 40.000 rupiahs or $4, crazy cheap, huh? Well, I mean compared to another eyebrow powder, I think this choco eyebrow cake offers the most competitive price.

Great staying power, even when I sweat a lot!

The color stays all day especially when you stay in the air conditioned room. Even when I am outside and sweat a lot, the color doesn’t smear and doesn’t makes the area near eyebrow goes muddy.

Smells good

Hmmm, yummy! It literally smells like chocolate. Can you imagine? In the morning when I do my make up, I am indulged with such a great smell, mood boosts up 200%! hehehe

A little bit powdery
Don`t drag the brush, because the cake is powdery. I find if I dab the brush, I can pick just enough amount without making my make up table dirty.

Just enough pigment

I originally have a thick eyebrow and it is jetblack, just like the color of my hair. So, I find this choco eyebrow to be well suited for me because it is not overly pigmented. Just enough to fill the sparses on my eyebrow. Moreover, Korean eyebrow trend is thick but light in color.

This is how it looks on my real brow


If you have a very sparse eyebrow and looking for a pigmented eyebrow cake, this might not be for you. You will go nuts because it is hard to get the color you want. I try this once with my friend who shaved half of her eyebrows. She doesn`t like it and it is messy on her.

The cake will be perfect for a girl with a thick eyebrow, who is looking for more definition. Hehehe just like me! I personally will repurchase when I run out. I love Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Cake 

Rating: 5/5


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  1. waaa layak dicoba ini han xD alisku udh tebel jd ga mungkin tambah tebel lg wkwk
    nice review ;)

  2. Thank for the review Hana!(^ω^)
    I'm looking for an eyebrow powder or pencil and I think I'm gonna give a opportunity to the Skinfood choco eyebrow powder now ^^
    Have a nice day!;3

  3. since i have bangs i never care about my eyebrows haha ><
    thanks for the review!xD

  4. Nice post ce ^^
    Wah harus dicoba ini, this is really suitable for my mom, cos she hasn't any eyebrows

    btw i'm new follower in here :))
    *salam kenal*

  5. Mbak blh tau beli di olshop mana ? Thanks alot :)

  6. your review is very helpful! i have thin brows and wouldnt like this eyebrow cake. thanks!


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