Etude House Proof 10 Liquid Liner Review (Sponsored)

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Hello Pretties!
Today i bring you a review on proof 10 liquid liner. This proof 10 liquid liner is sponsored by my lovely sponsor Bell`s Etude House. When it came, i was so excited and had high expectation on this since it claims to have a 24 hours formula. Let`s see!

Product description and claims:

1.  Etude House Waterproof Proof 10 Liquid Liner is a waterproof liquid liner available in bold shades that help make eyes look bright and clear.
2. Quick-drying to avoid any liquid liner smudges.
3. Thin angled nib brush and long cap/handle makes liquid liner application easier and more comfortable to use.
4. Formulated with jojoba oil to prevent dryness and glass pearl for shine.

Btw, in this add Dara looks so cute with those flirty colored eyeliner. I would probably make a tutorial for you, what do you think? hehehe

 Anyway, back to the eyeliner, there are several color that you can choose
BK 801 = BLACK
GR 701 = GREEN
BL 601 = BLUE

Mine is GR 701 and this is how it looks like

The liner is packed in deep blue colored box which i think looks sleek and professional. I did capture every angle of it, mostly decorated with Korean Hangeul hehehe. 

Open it, and taraaaa.. super sleek and professional looking liner. It has a glossy grey tube which looks lethal to me hahaha. 

The brush is thin, angle nibbed. and true to its claim it is making lining easier than ever. You can see on the picture below, the green - blue line is very sharp right? Thanks to the brush lha, I think it is awesome. It is made of something like sponge, so it feels soft when i apply the liner.

The finish is pearly and the formula is watery. The liner will spread and settle on fine lines, so be careful upon using it. I suggest you to shake it well because that way, the liner will become thicker and less watery. As it claims, it is smudgeproof and quick drying. I try to rub hardly and it won`t budge. I poured water on and it stayed (Picture 3). Only if i rubbed it when wet, it faded and became messy. It stays for around 6 hours on me, which i think it deserves an applause for being long lasting.

All in all, i think you will like it if you are a beginner in make up. The color is fun to play with and it is sheer so you will still feel confidence wearing green liner on your eyes. 

If you would like to buy Etude House Product,
I ussually buy it in Bell`s Etude House. If you mention beauty-chica, you will get 5 % OFF on their ready stock products.

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If you want to know more you can click on their PAGE . The owner is so kind and helpful :)

That is it for today.
I love you

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  1. Nice review, but six hours stayed is not enough for me T.T Is it totally messed after 6 hours?


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