(Diary) Every floor is my dance floor

12:47 AM

So it is officially seven days before deadline!
I work my ass off and look like this everyday.

Not only me, my friends are too

Me and my friends invented this skripsi hairstyle today because it is super hot in our student lounge on Saturday. Darn the school do not on the air con >.< 

We ended up looking like this lha hahaha..
No bangs allowed and just tie it ponytail. At least we did not sweat as much.

Fashionable until June 2013!

So pretty much if bored kick in, i ussually just do something else other than typing..
Hmmm like staple things, tidy things,

and DANCE! Ballet lha, stretching lha, in our beloved Student Lounge.
Of course when not much people around lha,
Otherwise they are going to pay me for a beautiful performance and i become famous
*Cih, just kidding!
Truth -> Other wise they think i am losing my mind because of the thesis

Here we go, pointy toes and semi arabesque!

And lastly i want to introduce my saviors during this suffering period.

1. Water potion to keep me hydrated.
Important ladies! Even if you are busy, drinks a lot of water lha.. My sister passed out and got to stay at hospital because dehydration. That is why when time is challenging, take care of our body by drinking water

2. Hardworking printer.
Not mine lha actually, it is Mieke`s 
But this printer is awesome, it prints 400 pages everyday >.< Thanks a lot!
If you were a guy, i would totally marry you!

3. Unfashionable hairpin and magic mirror.
I call this magic and you may call me "alay". But seriously, sometimes checking your face in the mirror is a fun activity during this suffering time. At least i know my eyeliner still intact, and if a cute guy passing by i still look my best #like that is gonna happen# hahahaha.
And.. this unfashionable hairpin for making skripsi hairstyle that i mentioned before.

Anyway, that is my day!
 Now, i am going to continue working lhaaa
Not in a perfect condition to work here because too many mosquitos :(
I killed a dozen of them everyday and i wonder WHY THEY NO EXTINCT?

Ok, before i go, i want to say this.
Life is like a dance floor. Some dance floor is rough and hurting my toes, some are nice to fly, jump, and do arabesque. But yeah, we can not ask God too much to put us to a nice dance floor every time, can`t we?. I'll just say every floor is my dance floor. I can dance beautifully everywhere, because my quality is beyond the floor.

Nite everyone, 
and Fighting!!


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  1. Bisa ballet han? Keyeeeeennn! mau dong diajarin. hahaha

  2. wiiih,balett kereeen tuh han...jiayoooo

  3. Wah, kalo aku ngerjain bareng jadinya malah cucok rumpi deh. LOL
    jadi ngerjainnya selalu di kos dengan pintu terkunci deh han.



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