FOTD: Dull to Doll Transformation

1:02 PM

Ellow beautiful~
Today i want to share my dull to doll make up transformation.
I am going to submit this for IBB make up challenge, btw hehehe.
Wish me luck!


So for  starter, this is my " normal " face. 

Then, i put a white foundation all over my face. Blend it well, to achieve that white porcelain doll face.

For the eyeshadow, i am choosing shimmery white for the inner corner and then the mix of pink and purple for the lid. I put an extremely thick eyelashes for that big - batting eyelashes look. For the lips, i am only painting heart in the middle of the lip to create a pouty lip.

And.. there you go. Forever yours, Hana doll with asymmetrical bangs and thick eyelashes hahaha

Until then,

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  1. So cute n dolly..
    Itu shading hidungnya pake apa?? Bagus bgt... :)

    Visit mine ya..

    1. shading hidung pake urban decay shade naked :). makasih pujiannya

  2. lucuu cee.. unik sendiri hasilnya haha :D
    bulu matanya panjang banget >.<

  3. Great job!
    Sukses ya.. semoga banyak yang vote.

    Salam kenal.
    btw, kotak komentarnya yg URL/NAME dibuka dong. aku ga pake blogspot soalnya.

  4. Suka banget han sama yang ini..kreatif pol deh!


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