Bromo and the chilly breeze

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I know the holiday has not started yet and you girls must be busy working. That is why i post my holiday report here hehehe. Hope to see you hyped up again after reading this. Holiday will come again, girls!

A couple weeks ago i went to Bromo. When people in Surabaya got a day off and supposed to choose their leaders in PILKADA, hahaha i sneaked out from the city and went up to Bromo mountain.

If you go to Indonesia and Jawa Timur. Bromo is a MUST VISIT place! I mean.. Wow, it offers beautiful sceneries like no others. Whenever i go to Bromo, it always reminds me of the lost island in JOURNEY 2 movie.

First of all, go there with your friends because the hartop car is quite expensive to rent. It is better to go with around 5 people. After you rent the car, it will take you to this beautiful PENANJAKAN to see the sunrise.

bromo trip3 

Chilly.. Brrr.. and hiking in the dawn time is quite dangerous. But.. If you reach up there, it is worthy! The mountains are so pretty.


I saw this edelweiss flower sold near Penanjakan. People there said it will never withered. I mean, this edelweiss flower must be so special for being able to be pretty for a long time

bromo sunrise

The sunrise was mesmerizing. The sky was a gradation of orange, yellow and blue while alll the mountain were surrounded by white fog. As the sun goes up, you can feel the heat is overcoming the cold chilly breeze.

Second destination is PASIR BERBISIK which is pretty much a dessert with the view of a mountain as a background. It is called pasir berbisik because the location here has ever used for a famous Indonesian movie with the same name.

bromo trip 54

Now let me introduce you to the second last most interesting part of my journey in Bromo. READYYYY?

bromo th


Here, we were at the savannah. This savannah reminds me of the one that in Colorado. Hehehe. even on your way to this spot, you can actually see pretty sceneries everywhere.


Aight, enough of savannah, lets move to the crater, shall we?

This bromo crater is actually an active volcano. You can actually see it sizzling. You went up to the crater using horse, and pay around $10 bucks for a horse. Quite pricey, but it is okay, for another kind of experience.


I loveee horsing very much.. hahaha Ah ya, if you are thinking to go to Bromo, you MUST DRESS WARMLY. Bring you thickest coat, shawl, hat, earmuff, and gloves. Otherwise you are going to be freezing there.


After a nice long horse journey. You will see this hell stairs. The stairs are sooo long that makes my leg painful. Arggghhh… Going down is as much dangerous as going up. Phew, i am just so lucky that i have a caring friend who pay attention on me while going up and down the stairs. Otherwise, i am sure 500% i am going to fall down and break my own leg.

bromo trip 56n

Well, yeah, it is all worthed because you can see beautiful crater here. hehehehe.

I enjoy my journey to Bromo very much.. Have you been here before?

Love you always,


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