ELF Studio Blush On in Pink Passion Review

8:24 AM

Many say that Pink Passion is a great dupe for the famous MAC Pink Swoon. Actually, this is the main reason i bought this hehehe. I do not have MAC pink swoon so until now so i can not compare it, but today i will cover a review on this blush.

bb 319 Price : 90000 in online shop and $3 in ELF webstore

elf blush1

The packaging is black doff. Look professional and have this “small window” where i can see the color inside. The packaging is very easy to get dirty and such a pain to clean it off.

blush 2

It is a bubblegum candy, a barbie kind of blush. A medium pink. The texture is hard, and got a lot of fall out >.< Be sure to tap the excess because though the color looks tame on the pan, it is very easy to overdo this. Well, the other side of a good pigmentation.


It stays for around 4 hours, and this blush somehow oxidise on me.


My fotd using this blush on! Yeahhh… hahaha i was preparing my research paper and i had to staple a lot, so i came up with this funny picture :P. This is how ELF pink passion look like on me.

HN 011

So i hope the review helps, see you around!


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  1. you look cute !
    and its a pretty pink..looks good on you..



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