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Hola chicas :). How are you today? Hehehe today i want to share with you my hang out make up that can be done in five minutes only. Very fast! This time i also use new make up that i got from Hada Labo launching event doorprize! *excited* It is called Face on Face. Really good products! Anyway, let`s start, shall we?

After washing my face and apply my skincare routine ( I use Hadalabo), the first step to this look is concealing. I conceal my under eye, acne scars and my freckles so that it looks flawless and better toned. Especially after sick, my skin becomes so tacky >.< and dry. Huhuhuhu just don`t stare on my fugly bare face >.<. Conceal, conceal, conceal! After applying the concealer on particular area that need coverage, i dab it slowly with my fingers. Do you see the difference on the third picture?

Hmm, now it is time to use new make ups! Yihuuuu... I use Face on Face foundation powder in vanilla beige, press it lightly on to my face so that it looks glowy. Then apply blush on, here i use Face on Face 
blush on in Blooming Rose. I really like the blush on it gives my cheek beautiful flush. Looking fresh!

Now time to move on to the eye. I only use eyeliner, eyelid tape and mascara. Because i have monolid, putting eyelid tape on will make my eyes look bigger. Just a little tip for you, don`t put the eyelid tape very close to the eye rim because it won`t have any effect. Here i use gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown in Black Ink. I line my eyes and wing it to make my face looks fresh. Then, i curl my eyelashes and apply Max Factor False lash Effect

So, the look is done! Hehehe simple mah, only using five products!
- Maybelline Mineral concealer in sand beige
- Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
- Bobbi brown gel eyeliner in black ink
- Face on face foundation powder in vanilla beige
- Face on face blush on in Blooming Rose

So, this is my share on my daily make up. Hehehe i hope it helps.
Love you, 
Bye chicas :)

Listening to music1.gif: International by One Direction
Lovepingy.gif: KUBE Mp3 second generation
Hate raning.gif: Keloid >.<

To know more about face on face,
you can click their facebook page
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  1. simply and nice =)
    but i cant do it in 5 minutes i will take me about 10 or more xD

  2. nice look! so simple but look really fresh! ^^

  3. nice, light and simple, very sweet!! nice review!!

  4. simple and fresh look,btw eyeliner bobbie brown brp sih harganya ya ^_^
    hemm i follow u if u dont mind follow back me hehe

    1. aku ni dikasih hadiah sama bos hehehe.. hadiahnya bobbi brown, mungkin sekitar 300 ribu ya? sure, pasti fol back

  5. pretty! iy warna blushnya cakep bgt d km, han <3

    1. cakep yo, setuju aku hehehe.. murah lho rin, cuma 23000 an.. aku juga pengen beli lagi tapi susah carinya >.<

    2. itu km beli d mana han? :o aku br pertama kali dgr merknya sih ._.

    3. kagak beli it rin, hadiah doorprize pas dateng Hadalabo launching event hehehe.. Aku search2 di google harganya segituan. Kayaknya sih mesti di toko kosmetik deh, rin..Kalo di supermarket2 gitu kagak pernah nemu aku.. Masalahnya kalau di surabaya ini, toko kosmetik sangat jauuuhhh dari rumah hiks hiks

  6. wah hada labonya mantap yahh....jago make brush eyeliner bobbi brownnya krg pintar make brush aslinya,jd pke brush sendiri yg angled buat wingnya.. cute enough !!

    1. Iya hadalabo event nya mantap banget! Iya sheil, nih aku juga ga pake eyeliner brush aslinya soalnya ilang, kekecilan >.< hehehe.. pake bobbi brown juga sih tp angled eyeliner brush


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