Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining ( Taipei)

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This was my first date place. My boyfriend knows that i am a big Hello Kitty fan, so he gave me a sweet surprise. I, which is a new girl in Taipei at that time, just followed him taking the MRT and walking road by roads. I asked him many times, “ Where are we going?” He just said. “ You will know”
Omoooo.. and when we really arrived at this place, my jaw DROPPED..
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When you open the door, the room is pastel pink, with cute chairs and Hello Kitty heads everywhere. The waiters wears really cute uniforms. I want oneeee…
2014-09-06 19.52.18
After we arrived, the waiter greeted us and asked us to choose the menu. You can eat in this restaurant, but you have to buy no less then NTD 300. We chose to just eat the sweets and cake because we wanted to eat somewhere else later.
2014-09-06 19.51.58
Hello Kitty roll cake
2014-09-06 19.52.07
2014-09-06 19.56.11
The bright bright menu, makes me feel like holding a comic book!
2014-09-06 20.12.34
This was my pick of the day. I am really suck at describing taste and everything. But, i can say that this was so nice. Tasty, melt in my mouth and not too sweet. Paired with a very yummy chocolate and vanilla milk. This was by far the best and cutest looking sweets!
2014-09-06 20.13.13
2014-09-06 20.12.52
2014-09-06 20.43.36 
2014-09-06 21.05.10 How to go to Hello Kitty Kitchen and Dining?

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