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My office starts at 7.00. EVERYDAY.

It means i have to wake up at 6 everyday, or 5.30 if i want to do some deliberative make up. Well, more make up needs more time, of couse. But, though i already cut down my make up time and opt for such a simple look for office, getting up is hard sometimes. I am still half awake and feel glued to my bed hahaha.

Until i find these


Judging from the number of these gels, i think you know it already that i am in love with these shower gels! I got these from Guardian when i visited Jakarta last month. Way way before these gels invade our local hypermarts in Surabaya.

I firstly in love with the packaging. Simply because it looks eyecatching, colorful and intriguing. See this one below.

“82 British Sunrises helped make one moisturizing bottle of this”

Heck, How in the world the sunrises have got to do with soap making?? That flashed inside my mind. But this quote happens to explain that this product is very natural.

I like it

Plus it is cheap. only around 20,000 rupiahs.

I like it even more


It contains 250 ml of goodness, and this above is my FAVORITE. I enjoy my shower time more, therefore, at least i have one random motivation to get off my bed in the morning haha. It is also the most moisturizing among the three. It smells sweet and feminine, just like a strawberry muffin would smell. If you ever brush your teeth with KODOMO tooth paste in strawberry, the smell is close to that, only much better.


See? Natural fragrance..


Allright, if sweet scent is not your cup of tea, then i recommend you to try this one. It has fresh scent of a lemon. Very fresh, and it reminds me of a yellow fanta (i forget the flavor). It is also moisturizing, but the pink one is more moisturizing IMO. The scent of the rasperry one lingers longer than the lemon one. I ussually spray myself with additional tanngerine body mist from AVON to prolong that freshness.


I bought this because of the color.. Truly.. reminds me of minion Hahaha


This one smells like mint. Pure mint. Really. When it says that your body will tingle, it truly does! After shower, i feel like i am washing my body with mint and it feels so fresh!After you eat mentos or other minty candy, your mouth feels so fresh and breezy, isn`t it? Now, if you use this shower gel, you are going to experience that ON YOUR SKIN.


It will be a nice freezing moment afterbath in the morning, but for me, i never use it for my night shower. Just too freezing! hahaha. Cold water and cool shower gel is not a good combination at night.

Overall, i truly enjoy my shower gels from Original Source! Good job!

If you want to know more, i happen to find their website here


My most favorite is the raspberry one. But if you have time, just take time to take a look at Original Source Collection. They have more flavors to offer, and i truly can not wait to try for more!

Rating 5/5

Cheers and have a good night!


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  1. rasanya seru banget kalo mandi pke shower gel dengan aroma buah2an apalgi klo ada cooling sensation nya... aq trtarik bnget nyobain yg vanilla raspberry dan lemon teatree... nice review... :)

    1. thank you, glo :) yang raspberry oke banget kok

  2. aku jg paling suka yg vanilla raspberry.. gile enak banget wanginya bikin pengen dimakan hahaha


  3. Wahhh... belum pernah nyoba... kepengen ah...
    Thankyou reviewnya yahhh

    BTW, aku baru pertama kali kesini. Dan baru saja memfollowmu. Lets be friends...

    Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.



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