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Living inTaiwan does open a door for me to try out some cool skincare and bathing supplies. Shiseido`s Tsubaki and Ma Cherie are in my reach. Moreover, no hefty price tag included.

Super lucky!


This is my hair savior.

I am so ruthless to my hair as i curled and exposed it to extreme heat of hair straightener. DAILY. #SORRYHAIR. This Ma Cherie Air feel shampoo has a subtle floral smell and makes my hair so smooth without weighing it down. I love the result. So far, my hair is very healthy and has less breakage even with crazy styling exposure.


In case you can read Chinese hehehe


This shampoo remains me a lot of a Baby Shampoo. The texture and the subtleness are very similar.

Shiseido Ma Cherie Air Feel Shampoo

Rating 4.5/5


This is my hair conditioner, targeted for a damage hair. Honestly, i grabbed this because it is cheap haha. But i don`t know why this conditioner seems to make my hair greasy faster.


Watson`s MIMOSA scented Hair Conditioner

Rating 3/5


And this goes my first ever skincare in Taiwan. Compared to Indonesia`s price this one is very expensive, like 50.000 per tube. Crazy.. it is more similar to the price in Singapore. I did not have much choice then, so i just grabbed the one that has familiar name.


Even with the rocketed price, i think this Dove facial wash is different with the one i used to know. Dove go fresh cleans so well, even my BB Cream comes off in the first wash! It does not dries out my skin and it has a pleasant Citrus smell.



Creamy and very very subtle. I love it.

Dove Go Fresh Facial Wash

Rating 5/5

I still have a lot of BATHROOM SUPPLIES in my drawer. Sasa Taiwan had their biggest annual sale and as you know it, i buy like crazy! Hahaha. So, stay tune and i hope these reviews help!

Xie xie,


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  1. Hai Hana piye kabare di Taiwan ??
    masih berjuang yah, yah jadi banyak tahu juga ama produk luar juga jadinya, jadi lebih beragam topik di blog :).

    btw, Main-Main ke Blog daku yah,


    1. Baik - baik gio :) Hahaha thank you yaa.. Iya, jadi beragam topiknya, ga cuma make up aja.


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