My Etude House Milk Talk Experience

8:43 PM

What can be better than a nice and relaxing bath to start the day?
I started this beautiful day trying Etude House milk talk soap in strawberry. 

When I opened the sachet, the soap came out milky pink coloured, with lotion like consistency.
-          It smells good like strawberry milk
-          It is moisturizing!
-          It does not have a squeaky clean feel after I rinse my body, instead it is more like when I use Dove body wash, my body feels slippery afterwards
-          It does not make a lot of bubbles and foam, but It is better if you use sponge to make it more foamy

When I use this soap, it feels funny. Just like washing my body with strawberry yoghurt milk. Well, the smell is the same. Hehehe.  However, if it is more foamy, I will certainly love love it even more

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  1. Keknya mesti pake spons unyu2nya yah Han biar foamy... Hihihihi.... ;)

    1. ekekekek..iya, kalo beli fullsize ada kepalanya strawberry foam.. keyennn... ini yang ada di etude house hamper it lho, sab.. dah coba?

  2. :3 milk talk ini emg baunya enak2 ya :p
    so far the best one for me itu yg banana ;) hihi..

    1. banana ya? wahhh! perlu dicoba tuh :) thank you lexa

  3. wah another recommended product from etude :)
    Aq belom pernah cuba yg milk talk, kayaknya wajib dicoba ntu :)
    thank u for sharing the review

  4. wanginya tahan lama ga?

    1. nggak tahan lama hehehe sekitar 15 menit abis mandi uda ilang hehehe


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