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I am so happy today because i have a day off. Really a day off! Nothing listed in my daily schedule! So today, i just cleaned my room, rearranged things, went jogging, and now.. BLOGGING!

Continue my sharing last week about facilities in Taiwan Dormitory, today I am going to share about my room!

Read about the facilities in Taiwan dormitory here

NTUT dorm 1

This is how my dorm look like. in Taipei Tech Dorm, each room is designed for four people. For some universities like NTUST, each dorm is for six people.


Really, i am the kind of girl who can not live with so many people. Just uncomfortable la. This semester i only have one roommate, so my dorm room feel so spacious! Moreover, she is so nice!


In addition to that, you have this cabinet. One cabinet each person. You can put your handbag, books, or whatever that you do not use often inside.


This is my part of the room. It looks so empty because i do not bring so much book, later on when the semester starts, the books may pile over.

I generally divide the desk to two parts, computer and study space on the right, and my make up space on the left.

Do you see the kitty mirror?

My boyfriend bought that for me haha #brag #slap

He is so cute la, he knows i am a big fan of make up and there is no mirror in the dorm, so he bought me that. FYI, Mirror here is so expensive! Do you know how much that kitty mirror cost? 450 NT, or around 200.000 rupiahs! I know some of the stores in Indonesia sell that in 50.000 or 150 NT a piece.


My desk has “hidden” shelf under the table to place pen, and other things


Now, this is my bed! Look so comfy, eh! haha.. In the dorm, you will be required to buy your own mattress. Mattress, yes, i said mattress.

Don`t dream it is fluffy and nice like your spring bed in home!

It is more like bamboo mat with sponge on top.

When i first sleep on it, i was like…

UGH! So stiff and uncomfortable >.<

I don`t know why it is like that, but every students here live this way. Maybe they want us to study more rather than sleeping hahaha. Right, if you choose to live in dorm, buy your own mattress and do not order from school. The school mattress are ussually so thin and even more uncomfortable to sleep. I bought mine myself and i can choose the thick and pretty one.


My pillows :) hehehe. Here, there is no bolster. I have not see it anywhere, so if you happen to love bolster so much, LIKE ME.. just bought this long pillow as a subtitute.


My phone and my blanket. Matchy matchy!


My sandal brought from home. My mom specially bought me this. Aaa i miss my mom!


Taiwan dorm generally has air conditioner and fan. In my dorm, we have to pay to use the air conditioner, but fan is free to use. Oya, my dorm has internet connection, and it is so fast! Woo hooo, almost as fast as american internet.


A view from my dorm room window. So beautiful! and during the school days, i can see many basketball team playing on the field.

That is all for today! Next time i will tell you about the bathroom and cafeteria. Byeeeee..

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  1. Siang Ka, mau tanya, kalau matrasnya itu kita blei sendiri atau udah ada dari dorm?


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