A Visit to New Taipei City Hakka Museum

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Hello everyone!

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Do you have a good day? I had just finished my last exam and i really did a good job haha #praisemyself.

After tons of hard work, finally i got time to write here in my blog. So far, life here is challenging but beautiful. Work hard, play hard, and pray hard would be the kind of proverb that describe it all. Yes, I have many to catch on and to fight on, but along the process i am very grateful for my life in Taiwan.

Last weekend i got the chance to go to Hakka Museum in Sanxia, New Taipei City. My boyfriend had a seminar there and he tagged me along because he knows i love museum.

2014-11-16 16.42.04

2014-11-16 15.43.56

Hakka Museum is just.. SPACIOUS. hahaha. When i first came, i saw many kids just playing around with traditional toys with their parents. The traditional toys are free to use. Just, don`t forget to put it back, okay?

2014-11-16 15.48.43

Even that old uncle played jump rope

2014-11-16 15.47.15

This is.. some kind of EGRANG, i do not know the Hakka name, sorry hehehe.. But you play it like this… Got on top of it and walk with it sticks on your feet.

2014-11-16 15.45.06

2014-11-16 15.44.54

My boyfriend tried it too..

2014-11-16 15.45.00

But he failed! hohohoho.. He then said,” No no no, do not play this, okay? Too dangerous!”

2014-11-16 15.48.33

Okay, let`s take a look inside! I have so much pictures to show you!


2014-11-16 16.20.15

The exhibition hall, so chic, nice and clean looking. And here is some of their collections.

2014-11-16 16.19.44

2014-11-16 16.27.13

2014-11-16 16.22.41

I feel like.. seeing the things that i used to watch in Kungfu Movie in a real life. Those are all the REAL THINGS! and it feels so mysterious and antique.

2014-11-16 16.24.27

Here they have secret drawers for you to open and see what is inside.

2014-11-16 16.23.19

What is inside? They have all kinds of end product for Camphor. I really like this since it gives people something to do inside the museum.

2014-11-16 16.24.01


2014-11-16 16.25.50

If you are tired looking around, you can sit down on this bench and watch Hakkanese story.

Or. reading here in very spacious reading room

2014-11-16 16.34.19

2014-11-16 16.34.46

I love their bathroom. Even the bathroom is designed with Hakka style, giving you that vintage feeling when you come inside. The bathroom lady was so nice too. I forgot my water bottle inside and she just delivered it back to me. Xie xieee…

2014-11-16 16.35.05

In the first story, there is exhibition hall for painting. They are totally awesome.

Painting Show Hall

2014-11-16 16.30.37

2014-11-16 16.28.45

2014-11-16 16.19.08

Hakka Clothing Exhibition Hall 

2014-11-16 16.38.31

In addition to that row of real traditional clothing. Taipei Hakka museum introduce the clothing with..


and lots of Barbie

that if you are kids, you will scream excitedly!

2014-11-16 16.33.50

2014-11-16 16.31.24


2014-11-16 16.19.30

This is what i saw inside…

2014-11-16 15.56.56

This is what i saw outside! Hahaha.. Real person playing chinese violin. He was so kind and he even took time to teach me how to play.

The gardens are soo beautiful and it has many statues, so you can take pictures like this..

2014-11-16 15.43.01


2014-11-16 15.41.37 

Or like this..

2014-11-16 15.27.52

I really enjoyed my time in New Taipei City Hakka Museum. I love how it feels so grande and chic, but they stay in touch with the people around the area. People in the neighborhood are free to come here for playing and enjoying Hakka Culture. I also love how they use Barbie and free toys to engage kids.

Do you want to come here?

Museum information:

New Taipei City Hakka Museum

Address:23741No.239, Long'en St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL:886-2-2672-9996 ‧ FAX:886-2-2671-8660

Website: http://www.hakka.ntpc.gov.tw/en/


Come, visit and have fun!

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