Sanxia Night Market

10:27 AM

Sanxia is a fascinating small town. You can come here by taking a train from Taipei Main Station and get off at Yingge station. Take a stroll around with city buses and enjoy the view around.

This time i am going to show you how Sanxia night market look like. Sanxia does not have real night market, don`t expect it to be as crowded as Shi Lin or Shida night market. This nightmarket is pretty small, but offers many delicious food with great price.

sanxia night market

It is more like a collection of street food stalls.




This one is my favorite stall. I could not read the name since it is in Chinese, but it is more like crispy fried chicken stall. Once you buy, they will cut it for you and put seasonings on top.


Do you see anything you like?


Another favorite store is this one. Everything is priced at 12 NTD. You got many choices from hot dog, sausages, chicken heart, or even vegetables. They will roast them for you.



Yummy!! My favorites are the corn and hot dogs. They are sooo irresistible!

With love, Hana

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