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This semester i will have a “free time” on Tuesdays. I still got to work at night, but yeah, i feel lucky enough to have some time to breath. I am planning to get my feet out there, exploring Taipei. I realized that i am a lazy cat, snuggle around and watch Taiwanese drama whenever i have time. Such a waste. I am thinking that if i visit Taipei a little at a time, i hope i can finish exploring all by a year. Yes, a year, before real job kicks in.

I took a chance yesterday to see whether i like it or not, being in the sun and walking a lot. I had to pick up my ARC in immigration office and i figured that i had around five hours free time to visit places. I was planning to go to Taipei Botanical Garden and National Museum of History ONLY, but when i was there i found that National Taiwan Art Education Center, National Postal Museum and Yuyu Yang Museum were closed by, so i dropped in to visit.

12.00 – 1 PM: Go to Xiaonanmen and pick up my ARC
1 PM – 2 PM: Go back to MRT Xiaonanmen and walk inside to Exit 3, Taipei Botanical Garden. Stroll around there.
2PM – 3 PM: Go to National Taiwan Art Education Center and enjoy the paintings.
3 PM to 4 PM : National Museum of History
4 PM – 5 PM: Yuyu Yang Museum and National Postal Museum

I barely spent nothing on this trip, really. Let me go down to detail with you

MRT Fee Round Trip from Zhongxiao Xinsheng to Xiaonanmen: 32 NTD
National Museum of History: 30 NT
National Postal Museum : 5 NT

So affordable! and i feel so relaxed because of this trip. I am definitely going to do that again. Stay tune on Beauty Chica because i am going to give you full story on each destination i visited yesterday.

Hana log off…
Byeeee, xoxoxoxo

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