REVIEW: SKINFOOD grape essential BB cream

1:30 AM

Hi everyone.. It has been a long time that i didn`t post anything about BB cream. Now, i want to review about one of my skinfood favorite, the grape essential BB cream. This review is made from my experience using 5 samples of these. But, because i was busy using it and didn`t take any pics, all the samples are gone. So sorry, i didn`t have any of original picture in this. What are left on me are experiences and my opinion about the product :). Anyway, let`s get started....

The cream is a little bit hard to blend at first. Not very creamy. I have to patiently dab it onto my face and blend.

Oil control
Oil control is just so - so, around 2 -3 hours. When i first use it, i was like "wow" because my face looks flawless and nice. But then after i blot 2 -3 times, some of the redness are showing >.<

Lasting Hours
Pretty long lasting. I would say 6 to 7 hours, before my face turns to a blotchy and tired face hehehe. 

The coverage is medium. Well, it can be full if you add more and more. But i think it will sink on the fine lines. I have ever tried it once, and i wasn`t fine with the result. 

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  1. setuju~~ oil controlnya kurang >_<
    btw hana, I give you an award:

  2. ah really? ahh baeknya kamu sha.. wkwkwk.. thank uuuu

  3. Aq belum pernah coba yang ini. Hmm jadi oil controlnya kurang dan ngga buildable ya...
    Kalo ga salah grape ini linenya skinfood yg buat anti wrinkle.
    Thanx buat infonya ya :)


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