REVIEW: Sariayu Shimmering Powder Bena

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Glowing complexion and perfect contouring are two korean make up highlights. But little i know that this kind of look can be achieved through a local brand too. I used to think that local brand means "heavy" make up and colorful eyeshadows, whereas korean brand offers subtler color and natural make up.

This shimmering powder that i am going to review today is a great product from Sariayu. I mainly love this because it is an ALL KILL product. It contains four colors that can be used separately.
WHITE : Sparkly and glittery color. I use this for the tear duct, cupid bow, and sometimes i use this on top of a lipstick so it looks very shimmery

BROWN: Many people use this as bronzing color, but personally i think that it is hard to pick with bronzing brush. Instead i use this for eyeshadows. Perfect for everyday.
PINK: Beautiful subtle pink that is great for blush on.
Creme: This is the greatest part, i use this mainly to highlight my nose bridge, and if i blend this color with the others, i can use it as a highlight for my cheek bones. 

The packaging is sleek and and flower pattern just make it perfect. It also comes with brush and plastic pouch. But i lost them somewhere in my room :(. The brush was soft though. Very nice.

The texture can be a little bit powdery when i use it too much. But as long as i use it sparingly. It really flatters my face. The shimmer is also subtle, it accentuates my face with healthy glow without making it like a disco ball. I also have a similar product name PAC Shimmering powder, compares to that, this product provides more down to earth glow. PAC Shimmering powder is perfect for party look, whereas Sariayu shimmering powder is more into everyday look.

The glow last all day. I ussually apply this for my school make up and  my face still glowy after  4 -5 hours. For me,  i think it is a worthy products to buy. I would recommend this for:
1. Korean make up lover
2. Someone who loves to have dewy - glowy look
3. Someone who is looking for affordable but good shimmering powder 

<3 Hana

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  1. love the flower pattern!
    Pingin beli ini dari dulu tapi sampai sekarang belum beli2 hehehe :p
    Nice review hana~ semakin pingin beli nih..


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