Review Covergirl Eye Enhancers 4 Kit Shadows

6:12 PM

Hola, chicas :)! How are you today? Aaa, before we know it, it is Saturday already. Today i come up with my "lost but recently found" covergirl eye enhancers 4 kit shadows. This eyeshadows were my favorite last year, but because many rivals are coming in my beauty stash, this kit has forgotten.

I found this in a poor condition, applicator gone, and one of the shadow has break into pieces. So sorry >.< dear shadows..

About covergirl eye enhancers

It is a kit contains matte, sparkle and shimmery shadows. That has been designed for a kit "to go" from day to night look. 

Packaging and Texture

Eventhough it is packaged in plastic container, i find the container is pretty sturdy. I don`t know how many time i have drop this eyeshadow already, regarding how clumsy i am. But still the container is great, and still click and open well. Too bad that the packaging is not cute like Korean brands or colorful like Benefit. But, well, yeah, the container has served its function well and Covergirl always has this modern - minimalistic packaging concept. Hmm, talking about texture, it is a little bit powdery and chalky.

Longevity, Application, Pigmentation

It stays put around three hours without eye primers and longer if you put one. Application is easy because this eyeshadows is blendable. But, in terms of pigmentation. Blah! I have to swap many times in order to make the color shows. The colors are very sheer. Hmm, maybe it will be great for school, where you can`t wear strong colors shadow.


+ Sturdy packaging
+ Blendable
- A little bit chalky and powdery
- Bad pigmentation

Rating 3/5
Repurchase? No

Hmm, before i end this blog post, i just want to invite you to join my mini giveaway. Hopefully you like it and good luck. Have a blast!

<3 Hana

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  1. itu udah berapa lama emang umurnya? hihihi sampe terlupakan begitu :D

  2. klo packaging gt kyny aku ga bakal beli *banci packaging* xD

  3. Hahaha,cre, itu kayaknya lama banget, sudah satu setengah taon wkwk.. sekarang aja udah ga aku pake lagi, kuwariskan sama mbak - mbak penjaga konterku..
    Iya rin, wkwkwk produk amerika kebanyakan kayak gitu, ga ada imut - imutnya.. kalah jaohhh sama produk korea

  4. warnanya bagus!!


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