Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Angel Rose

1:34 AM

Hello chicas!
How is life treating you? I hope you are well.
Today i am coming back with the best seller lipstick of Maybelline Indonesia
Say hi to Maybelline color sensational lipstick!

Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipstick

Price: 35.000 rupiahs or $3
Shades: 24
My shade: Angel Rose


In picture from, i thought it would be pink, but it is actually orangey color. I personally would prefer dark pink for more glamorous look, tho. It comes in bullet tube just like another  lipstick together with pink information at the bottom with the manufacture date. Good job! I hope every make up has their manufacture date attached like this!

Swatch, Texture, Pigmentation and Finish

Angel rose is deep rosy pink that looks great on fair to medium skintones. The finish is satin with creamy texture. It has great pigmentation too, i have ever wore it once and apply it all over my lips. My neighbor in the boarding house smirked and say that i look like ahjumma or auntie >.< . Ouch! I use this just sparingly concentrating on the middle on the lips and it does brighten my complexion a lot! As another drugstore lipstick, the wear hours are rather short and it never stays after i eat. 

For a nicer finish, i really like to dab foundation or lip concealer first. The color would be more pinkish and cute! Angel rose sometimes settle on fine lines and does dry out the lips a little bit, so do not forget to apply lipbalm for chapped lips are never looking great, believe me!

Top : Bare lips
Bottom : with one swipe of Angel Rose

What i like
- Affordable 
- Available locally
- So many shades to choose from
- Great pigmentation and creamy texture
- Pretty color

What i dislike
- Short wear hours
- Simple packaging with wrong color >.<
- Drying my lips and settle on fine lines

Overall, Angel Rose is a good addition to my lips collection. Good for playing around, not that kind of reliable lipstick that we love the most.

Repurchase? Nope
Rate 3/5

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  2. too bad it doesn't last long
    the color looks pretty though

  3. wow very fun blog ;D
    Meybe follow me and I you?

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