Nature Republic So Big Liquid Eyeliner Review

3:03 PM

I guess my camera is feeling blue today. The picture went all blurry.
I chose the ones that looks okay to review Nature Republic So Big Liquid Eyeliner today.
I got mine from Group Buy GMarket and it was so cheap, with no hesitation i grab one of this.

Price: 35000 or SGD 5

Packaging and brush

The packaging is black with no hint of cuteness. It is quite bulky, so most of the time i never bring it around, just store it somewhere around my vanity case. The brush is thick and not the felt line type. It felt same like Etude House Oh my Eyeline, but this one is a little bit bigger and thicker.

The liquid eyeliner itself is black and creamy. It is a little bit hard to dry and it does take more than 5 seconds. With the applicator, i find it hard to draw a thin line. These belows are the thinnest i can get ( thick, huh?). I ussually end up having a messy make up whenever using this eyeliner because the brush makes the application uneven and it takes too long to dry.


I love the color. Black and matte

Rub several times and it won`t budge

Pour water and it slightly *melt*

Rub and it becomes crazily messy >.<

Here is how it looks on my eyes. I quite like the finish of it, too bad it takes a lot of effort to apply.

- Affordable
- Nice finish and pigmentation
- Smudgeproof and long lasting

- Hard to dry
- Uneven application
- Packaging wise, it is so not cute and bulky
- Not waterproof

Rating 3/5


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