Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner Review

8:39 PM

 Maybelline is literally launched a penliner with a very SHARP tip.
The tip is 0.05 mm!
Curious about this pen liner? 
please scroll down below :)

It is retailed at 69.000 or around $7. I got mine at the nearest Maybelline Counter.


- Applicator : Applicator is very fine and easy to use.
 It feels just like lining my eyes with marker. Very easy. The point is sharp. I love it. Lining a thin line is no problem now.

 - The color is black, though not opaque enough. Very pretty.

- It dries fast also. Neat application is a total go with this eyeliner.

- It is available everywhere in Maybelline counter across Indonesia


- Packaging : So – so. Just black.

Applicator : Due to its fine tip, sometimes it is so wiggly. I have monolid, so when I want to line a thick eyeline, I have to layer so many times.

- Lasting Power: I mean the lasting product of this eyeliner. It only stays 2 weeks after I bought it. It totally dried out afterwards. I was so sad, because I certainly have high expectation for this eyeliner. How come it only lasts two weeks? Not too mention I do not use this everyday and I use this only for the tip of my cat eyeline.

It does not smudgeproof. When I sweated and carelessly wiped out the sweat near the eye, the eyeliner smudges. I did this smudgeproof test for you to see. When the eyeliner is wet and wiped, it smudges.


Maybelline Hypersharp Liner is one of the best drugstore pen liner available in Indonesia. Other brands usually produce eyeliner with brush applicator more. 
If you are looking for a pen liner like Dollywink, maybe this one is more affordable choice. The applicator is fine and color is pretty black. 
But, as for me, I won`t repurchase because it only lasts two weeks. 
It maybe only me, though. Has anyone experience the same problem? 
Moreover I love to do thick eyeline and Maybelline Hypersharp is not the best in store for drawing thick eyeline.

Rating: 3/5

It is Mother`s day here in Indonesia,
I thank you, all mothers who had done good deeds for their family


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  1. only two weeks and it dried out already? o_0

    but it has nice, sharp-looking eyeliner tip..

    ah Hana! Please join my giveaway sponsored by WISHTREND! It opens internationally and the prize is worth $30.99 ^_^

  2. Hi tiaaa :) thank you dah mampir..
    Iya, cepet banget keringnya. Asem.. rugi >.<
    Udah ikutan, tia. semoga aku menang ya hohhohohoho

    *fingers crossed

  3. Ternyata ga sesuai harapan ya han.. Padahal nih produk masuk jajaran top 5 best pen liquid liner menurut majalah popteen edisi desember 2012.. nyaris mau beli padahal -_- *sigh

  4. nyeeh? O.o
    punyaku enggak cepet kering lho. asli.
    its waterpoof, tahan dari pagi jam 7 pagi sampe jam 5sore. agak memudar kalau mukaku sudah oily pake bgt
    awet, Iam using it for (almost) 2months

  5. aku pnya ini juga, dr kapan yaa, ada dua bulan atau tiga bulan yg lalu tp blm kering lhoo.. mungkin yg km beli yg agak bermasalah ya han..
    tp mmg dia ga waterproof dan smudgeproof sih, cm enak aja brushnya stipis itu.. ga enaknya jg warnanya ga terlalu pekat..


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