Etude House Collagen Moistfull Series Review

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Hi girls, today i want to review Etude House Collage Moistful Series, from toner, emulsion, massage and the eyecream, but yeah you`ll see me with my bare faces a lot *shy*. So, just bare with them ya? 

For some reason, i got a lot of samples of Etude House Moistful Series i can use them for a month of skincare. This series is actually made for those of you who has dry skin. I am oily combination but i use this series fine too. I do not feel extra grease nor slimy face during the day.

After washing my face, with my regular face wash from Clean and clear, i apply toners and pat it gently onto my skin.The smell is nice, florally with a hint of citrus smell and it is gone after a while. The toner freshen up and tighten the pores. It does absorb easily, and feels light like mineral water.

Nah, after that i apply the emulsion. The emulsion is white milky colored and i like. It absorbs okay and feels a little bit thicker than my usual Hadalabo Gokujyun Milk. Though thicker, i do not find it any moisturizing than original milk. It is moisturizing just on the perimeter of the skin but do not actually work inside out. For me the emulsion is just an okay product, i like the toner better.

Toner and emulsion are two things that i ussually use on daily basis. At night i apply eyecream and massage my face gently. I massage my face just once every two days. Not everyday because it takes much time and effort to do *lazy excuse* hahaha

I love the eyecream. It is not thick like my Biokos eyecream and it does not feels greasy. When i apply my eyeshadows, they stay longer because my lids less oily. The eyecream absorbs well and feels moisturizing.

Essential Massage cream is another story. It feels hot when applied, thick and very greasy i do not really like. The greasiness does not bring any good either >.<. Throughout the line i think it is the one that is less likeable for me.
Do you see how greasy my face looks? Yuck

For you who wants to know how to massage, just see the picture above and follow the lines. Massaging face is very important to reduce the aging and to relax our face. Do it sometimes!

And overall, the Etude House Collagen Moistful Series is an okay line for me. It does not break me out, but it does not bring any promising effect either. So i am going to pass on this one. It may works for you who has dry skin, though 

Good luck trying ! 


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  1. do u have a review etude moistful collagen cream ?,, what do u think about it ?

  2. same with me i hate the greasy feeling. i only allow that greasy product at night, well i have used best collagen cream and toner +aloe vera soap perfect combo ever.,it indeed tighten my pores & moisturize as well so now im up to pinkish glow effect products.


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