Divinia Deep Cleansing Oil Review

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Hello girls!!

How are you today?

Today i want to introduce you to Divinia Deep Cleansing Oil in Rose. Divinia is a Taiwanese brand, a store brand by Watson. It is quite popular here, because it brings variety of good quality products with affordable price. This affordable part suits me the best laaa. I am a student here and i have limited amount of money hahaha. So, Divinia is totally a “snatch it off from the rack”


I got this for NTD 120 because it was on clearance rack. So cheappp, right? Moreover it comes in a big bottle which will last me a long time.


Key points in its ingredients: Jojoba seed oil.



Mine is rose scent. And it does smell heavenly like rose!

Being a student and a teacher, i am practically busy whole day. Once i put my make up on, i won`t have a heart to take it off. Simply because putting make up takes much time, and i would rather use that time to sleep or hit the book.

Practicality is my thing and i find that in Divinia Deep Cleansing Oil. Although the price tag is friendly to my pocket, it does cleanse so well!

Ussually i just use a pump of Divinia Cleansing oil, and massage my face approximately three minutes. Then, i just wash it off with cold water. Practical! And it is so clean, not oily, moisturized my skin, and it smells good. Even my waterproof mascara comes off with it!

Yes, i am planning to buy its second bottle :)


Let`s put Divinia Cleansing oil to the test! Above are my eyeliner and highlighter. This eyeliner from Maybelline is nice, but it is not easy to comes off as well.


So, i just pour some Divinia Cleansing Oil and massage it for a minute. Do you see how the eyeliner dissolves?


Rinse it with water and my hand is so clean. There is no trace at all.

So far Divinia Deep Cleansing Oil is my favorite. Compared to my previous Skinfood grapeseed cleansing oil and Hadalabo`s, Divinia is better. My previous cleansing oil tends to leave greasy feeling even after rinsing it, whereas Divinia leaves clean feeling.

My rating? Of course 5/5!

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