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Pink Lemonade! At first i thought it would be pink - yellowish kind of color, but it turns out that i am wrong :) It is totally pink, i would say MLBB (my lips but better) color with pretty gloss that stays all day. Ah, let`s take a deeper look of this baby!

The packaging is clear plastic, and you can see how much product left. Neat lha hehehe.. It has twist mechanic on the bottom, so if you want to use you got to retract first. Then the product will come out from sponge applicator on the top :). I like sponge because it makes the application easier, but i am only worried about the hygienity. Ya, just have to make sure my  lips are free from oil, dirt and food leftover before applying this lipstick :)

RETRACT here :)

Sponge applicator

The lip comes out after retracting

Hmmm look at my lips before application..and LET THE MAGIC BEGINS!!

After application, look glossy, moist but without shimmer. How can i not love this? hehehe

+ Cheap lha, my junior bought this for me in USA for $ 3
+ Pretty Gloss
+ Long lasting
+ Moisturizing
+ Nice smell
+Pretty color
+ Opaque, so no need to apply lip concealer underneath

- I just hope it is easy to find in Indo, come on Online Shop please open PO for ELF! 

I just got back from another invitation! This time is Hada Labo Launching Event! hehehe report will come very soon. Stay tune!

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  1. Yang buka PO ELF biasanya lumayan banyak ko, di Zatura jg bisa kalo engga salah, kan bisa ambil dari Drusgstore ato Target. Kalo ready biasanya di Creamymilk suka ada.

    1. aaa thanks dina sudah kasih tau :) hehehe.. coz kalau pengen elf mesti nunggu adik - adikku pulang dari USA dulu.. huhuhuhu penantian setahun..

    2. You're welcome :))
      Menurut aku sih produk2nya elf lumayan banget buat dicoba, ya biarpun ada beberapa jg yang payah sih baca2 reviewnya *payah jg wajar sih ya abis murce gila harganya*. Untungnya produk2 elf yg aku punya ga ada yg ngecewain <3

  2. kemasannya lucu ya, warnanya juga bagus..

    1. Setuju! Hehehe beruntung banget dah punya ini :) kamu suka elf mut?

  3. wahh gloss applicatornya lucu han, pertama kalinya liat yg ky gt xD

    1. Iya rin, ini sama kayak model retractable gloss punya etude .. asik lha.. coba - coba hal baru.. thanks dah mampir hehehe


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