Confession! My skin problem..

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Everybody has a skin problem, it could be blackhead, acne prone skin, or even dull skin. Mine is acne scar, sun spot, and uneven skin tone. Blame it to the sun and raging hormones! Hyaaa, i just hope i live twenty years ago when the sun was a lot friendlier >.<. But it is already happened. What to do??? I have to accept that my skin is problematic now. Daily, my face is going to look like this...

Looks like just fine right? But if you take out the BB Creams and loose powder, you will see my real problematic skin >.< Tadaaaaa...

You see? The left cheek has a lot of black spots and my nose got blackheads. I want them all to go away! *cranky face*. I read once that one can improve their skin by using a good quality skincare. That means there is still hope for me and for you. After a long search, i think i want to buy these following skin care products. Hopefully they will kick all the problems away. Ciaatttt!!!

For my blackheads, i want to try blackhead sponge scrub oil and magic patch from Holika - holika

Blackhead Scrub Sponge OilBlackhead Sponge Patch
And....... for my sun spots, acne scar and uneven skintone, i will need a real good whitening regime to fade them all out. Therefore, my pick goes to White Tone Up Series from Innisfree. 

White Tone up SkinWhite Tone up Essence

This series from Innisfree contains mulberry and licorice extract. Natural power to make my skin bright and even. Thank God, there is an online shop in Indonesia selling these babies with reasonable prices. Visit them in SHABANG - SHABANG. They sell high quality and authentic Korean products ready stock as well as pre order.

That is my confession. Do you have any suggestion for my problematic skin?

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  1. acne scars is also one of my biggest problem, hate them so much :x i wish i wasn't really fat and hormonal when i was a kid lol :p

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