Sneak Peek: NYX All i`ve ever wanted make up pallete

12:38 PM

Friday was my first day of school after a very long break due to work accident. Guess what, i never come to the class and suddenly this upcoming week i will have my Mid Exam, WTH!! I guess this weekend i will have to hit the books and catching up with the classess I miss. Tho sad, today i finally got the chance to lay my hands to Cosmopolitan September Magazine + its lovely bonuses. Hurrayyyy! It was the last one available at the store. I guess i still have some luck left :)

So, let`s forget the sadness and look at some colors instead. Here i will present to you NYX all i`ve ever wanted make up pallete sneak peek! I own this for quite a while now and all this time i have been loving it. It was around 300.000 rupiahs when i bought it and it is actually worth every cent.

The packaging is quite sturdy. Black color, revealing a professional feel with the design. When i open this up, it has two levels. First level is the eyeshadows. They are quite pigmented, but chalky and powdery sometimes.

Many range of colors, which certainly perfect for beginners and people who loved to play with make up. The pans are small, but yeah i don`t need a lot of eyeshadows, so it is okay with me.

The second level is the powders and also lippie. I use this lippies on my previous post, "change the lippie change the mood" The lippies are creamy and sheer.

Eyeshadow swatches. Pretty colors!

Lippie swatches. Great color range, 6 colors to choose.

Contouring powder, they are matte, pigmented but powdery. It looks messy on the pan.

Blush On! Pigmented too, wearable (except the bright pink), my favorite blush is the third one, because the shade is like Milani Luminoso.

Powder and Bronzer, The bronzer here is sparkly and too dark for my skintone. I rarely use it, so is the powder. I ussually wear my own powder. The texture are not very smooth, blendable and pigmented

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  1. aiiih lucunyaaaaa ~~~

    gede ya palettenya?

    1. gede! suka banget lha, bisa buat bikin macam macam fotd hehehe

  2. warna eyeshadownya baguss tp agak kurang beraturan yaa..
    aku jg hri itu pengen beli ini tp blm beli2 jg smpai skrg wkwk xD

    1. ia rin, kalo beli palet tuh kebiasaan kayak gini.. kualitasnya kurang daripada beli satuan.. nyx mestinya warnanya lebih nampol lho.. tapi ya, it is ok lha, kualitas warna segitu cukup buat sehari hari hehehe

  3. Tiga ratus ribu beli dmnaa??

    Pgn beli palet nyx, bagus mana yaa ini sm yg Make Up artist kit?

    1. beli di mylovelysister kayaknya hehehe.. aku sih lebih suka ini, soalnya warnanya lebih banyak :)


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