Change Lippie, Change the mood!

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I am so excited to share you these looks! Hehehe if you notice i have been starting on posting FOTD + semi tutorial, it is all actually start with these. I made these looks for Pink Buble Vanity Trove Challenge. At first i made the pinkbuble fire look, then take selcas. I found myself looking different than usual!! Then, i started to change the lip colors and guess what? My face looked different too. It was fun and i simply could not stop experimenting on new colors. I hope you join the challenge too, believe me it was fun! I hope you will like it as much as i do. 

Since it was fun, i think i will post more FOTD + semi tutorial from now on. I am no professional and i do fail on my make up sometimes. And all the pictures were not edited, i just make page but do not photoshop the pictures at all. Simply to say, because i can`t. #gaptek banget yaa. Hehehe so foolish >.< I know! So, if you find some pics are fugly, just don`t stare too much, okay? Hahahaha.

Here is step by step for this look........

1. Because i am monolid, i apply eyelid tape. Just to make my eyes look bigger.

2. Put BB Cream all over the face. 
How to use ala Hana: I dot the cream all over the face, then spread it out with foundation brush. This foundation brush is ELF Professional Foundation Brush. It will look streaky at first, but pat the bb cream with the sides of the brush. The cream will get soaked onto your pores, leaving you with a smooth looking face.

3. Contouring is tricky for me, sometimes it got really streaky hehehe. I just play safe with using PAC Cream foundation. If it got streaky i will just powder it out to "Hide" it. Hehehe. I matte my face out with Marcks powder in Rose.

4. Put pink blush on. Here i use Maybelline clear smooth blush on in FRESH ROSE. Then i apply shimmer, i use Bobbi brown shimmering brick. Wanna know the technique? Hehehe again lha, i do some experiment inspired by Ce Elrica`s blog. I got inspired a lot ya know :). This blog is just awesome lha. Oya CLICK HERE for the technique.

5. Get to work on the eyes! Here i use my Sariayu Pallete, and use Salem and white colors. Then i groom my eyebrows with Viva eyebrow pencil.

6. Put colors on! Hehehe suka - suka loe deh warna lipsticknya! The lipstick color is really up to you, depend on your mood! Here i use any lip color from my NYX All that i`ve ever wanted make up pallete

Ini dia hasilnya main lenong - lenongan! Here is the result! hohohoho.. I was amazed with the result, different lip colors really change the whole look. Hehehe dari wajah cewek innocent sampai wajah tante garang, semua lengkap dah! hehehe.. So how da ya think?

What do i use?
Marcks Translucent powder
BOBBI BROWN shimmering brick
Maybelline blush on in shimmering rose

BOBBI BROWN eyeliner gel in black ink
Sariayu anniversary pallete in peach and white
Random false eyelashes
Maybelline Unstoppable mascara
Shiseido eyelash curler


Okay ladies, see ya on my next post!

I have been better and tomorrow i will try to start attending my class. Wish me luck!

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  1. lucu han ekspresimu ^^ nice post =D

  2. yang "seperti tante garang" bagusss lipstick nya~ >.<

    1. thank u sabbb :) nie yang tante garang lipsticknya sheer lho padahal hehehe

  3. Entah kenapa paling suka sama yang terakhir. Your eyes look bigger and totally different with your innocent face.. xixiii :P


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