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Hi, dear readers, i want to share with you about one of my favorite blog roll .pc.gif It is rimalmaputri.blogspot.com owned by Rimalma. I have been following her blog ever since her first reviews such as baby lips from Maybelline and Urban decay naked pallete. I love the way she write on that instant!Well, it is because she is using bahasa and explain in a very " ngocol" way. I don`t know how to say this in english *hurhurhurhur # slapped. mash.gif

She is honest and does not hesitate to share her life with her reader. One time, she post her trip in Europe with her dancing crew. I read it and for sure it is very inspiring. I can relate to her because i have ever been in that position, embrace her adventure as well as my ownplayboy.gif . That is why i like her blog very much. I could not say anything bad about her blog because there isn`t any hehehe. I have been enjoying her blog, hmmm it is very helpful and entertaining especially when i am sick like this. Reading her blog is a good way to kill time. I am thankful and really appreciate her blog.I just hope that she write more post because i want to read more. Go Rimalma!instru2.gif

If you want to read her blog you can click and follow hers at rimalmaputri.blogspot.com. Coincidentally, if you follow her now, she just happens to bring out cute giveaway that you can take a participation in. Hmm, killing birds in one stone, huh?

Love yup.gif: Rainbow cake from dapur cokelat
Hateuhah.gif  : Painful wounds >.<
Now watching: instru1.gifABDC (American best dance crew, OOO Yeaaa)

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