Nature Republic Snail Mask Review

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I have this for quite a long time, my friend brought me this directly from Korea. I had not use it because I was not a skincare lover until last month hehehe. I was more of make up lover. Since I found Hadalabo skincare regime and felt how my skin can be better, that laziness to take care of my skin had immediately put off. Mask has been a good friend of mine now.

Key features
-          Snail essence
-          Collagen 

IMO (In my opinion):
This mask is decent. The sheet is smooth and thick enough. Essence is in appropriate amount, but not abundant. Maybe mine is in sample form, so the essence might not as much as the original mask. It felt moisturizing afterwards and brightened my face a little bit
Price: 25000 rupiahs in local online shop (may vary)

-          DOFF plastic packaging, somehow looks more luxurious
-          I would say everything is good though non has WOW me. Just decent and appropriate.
-          Sweet florally smell

                                                                                 - Has Methylparaben

Huaaa my fugly face with the mask >.<


This mask has done its job. Moisturizing, brightens, though the effect has not WOW me. The effects were decent lha. I personally love my Dermal masks better than this. Sorry this is just my opinion hehehe.  I would not repurchase though.

Final Verdict:


Oya, a friend of mine is hosting a giveaway on her blog. Check it here 

Just a blog giveaway

The giveaway is super cool! with many gifts! I hope i can win also, there is something i really need in her giveaway. Guess what? Cleansing oil! Hur hur hur.. When i do experiment with make ups, the worst thing is when i have to remove it, i just hope that i will get that cleansing oil lha, so i don`t shade tears when cleaning my make up off *hehehe ..

If you are joining Sekar`s giveaway, good luck for you too!
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  1. Visiting... Great blog hana... I wanna try this too thanks for sharing :)


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