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11:44 AM

Pretty much everyday I go to the malls. Not for shopping though but for college and work. My beloved Pelita Harapan University is inside mall and also I own some foodie outlets in some malls. Going to the mall and using public toilets are unavoidable.

Let me share with you some nasty truths about public toilets in malls. If you think that public toilets look clean and nice. You are wrong. I meet a lot of cleaning service men that skip cleaning the toilet cover when they have the chance to. If their supervisor is not around, they don`t clean though clearly the toilet is freaking smelly.

Public toilets are disgusting. Sadly, we really can`t control the way cleaning service work or people who use the public toilet. Moreover, sometimes in malls, there is not enough hygienity tools like tissue and toilet cover available. Compare this to USA, when I was there during my high school years, most of public toilets have toilet cover paper! Arghhhh, Indonesia you should learn from that! We, woman deserves hygienity.

Well, the least I can do is maintain and choose the best for my hygienity. My choice goes for this toilet cover from Solusimu. At first I did not know that Indo has toilet cover paper too *slapped. All this time I put tissue all over the toilet cover for hygienity reason. The price is affordable! 5000 for 1 pack and a pack contains 10 sheets. It is also biodegradable so I don`t have to feel guilty when flushing it down the toilet hehehe.

Rating 5/5
Repurchase? YES

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  1. eh ternyata harganya cmn 5000 O_O murahnya. belinya dmn ya?


    1. beli di webnya solusimu saiii :)

    2. disini juga ada, 5000 per pack, 5 pack 25000 kapan lalu aku beli di sini juga

  2. pengen beli, tapi kemaren pas liat di Century mereknya beda :)


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