Suppaa Long Haul Post

6:31 PM

 Hai chicas, finally i`ve got to do some haul post. I ussually lazy to do this, simply because i don`t want to gather along things that i had bought, then feel guilty afterwards because i bought too much hehehe. Nor i want to show off my stuffs. I just recently think that doing a haul post is going to be fun, allow you to know what sort of reviews that is going to come up, as well as reminds me not to be over impulsively buying things hehehe..

So, this is my book hauls. I love book! Being a geeky and professor wannabe i am, i love to read and also improve myself. John Maxwell is definitely my favorite author for self improvement book. I also love this trilogy of Hunger games by Suzanne Collins. It simply breathtaking and Catniss Everdeen (the main character) inspires me alot. I swept through this book in just two days!

Well, these are my weekly simple treat hehehe, whenever i got change, i go to the nearest cosmetic store and buy. Hahaha, do you see the eyelash curler? Works wonder and cost me only 6500 rupiahs!

I also got Carrefour voucher and spent them all for body lotions. Crazy? No, it is necessity. My burned skin is very dry and i need to apply lotion every couple hours. Hmm, maybe i`ll do some lotion comparisons next month, how do you think? 

For face i got this masks from Mentholantum. Let`s test them if they are alright hehehe, then maybe i can stop buying mask online. 

Another lotions! Hahaha.. I also bought this leave in hair lotion from Sunsilk that works wonder on taming my "lion" hair. 

New phone! Finally i get myself a blackberry after my beloved Xperia was stolen in the  hospital. I miss my xperia though, but yeah, i just pray that God will forgive the person who stole my phone.

Move to hair products. I bought a lot of conditioners, because i put conditioner two times in my hair everytime i wash it. I also buy L`oreal hair mask and dettol to clean my combs. 

Finally... MAKE UP! I don`t buy too much, do i? Hahaha yeah, my boyfriend look at me with his meaningful eyes everytime i am about to snatch make up on the counter. Thanks to him i don`t haul too much on make ups!

Well, i am very grateful that i can do haul this month, hopefully i can put them in a good use.
Like, for a blog post maybe?


Stay tune!

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  1. sorry to hear about your xperia han :(
    nice haul :)

    1. Thank you vee.. dah pasrah ini sama xperiaku.. >.<..

  2. Aww to bad on what happen with ur cellphone.
    Awesome Haul!!

    1. Thanks sekar! I LOVE your hauls too. especially masami shouko!

  3. Wow alot of stuff :) and various lotion there. u sure lucky to get cheap cost for the eyelash curler :) I'm looking forward about ur post about lotion comparison :)
    But I'm sorry to hear about ur cellphone. I hope it never happen again.

    1. Ya, i hope it never happen agaiN. It is too bad the thief was stealing from a bedrested and sick girl. It becomes very mean for me >.<.. Thank you.. i`ll write comparison soon.


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