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Nymph Aura Volumer
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I am currrently in search of a good shimmering base that can be blend into one with foundation :). If you read my glowy tangerine post, i do not have a shimmering base at the moment and use MISSHA M Shiny for a subtitute. Missha is too shiny tho, it has a noticeable shimmer that i dislike. So, i try this infamous volumer from Etude House called NYMPH Aura, in pink.

I tried the sample size, but if you happen to buy fullsize, it is around 125.000 rupiahs in online shop and obviously a lot higher in ETUDE stores nationwide.

IMO (in my opinion):

Nymph aura 2 is a shimmering base with subtle pearl. What i mean subtle is that the shimmer is not very noticeable if you blend real well. The finish will be dewy glowy like Korean artist. One thing that i notice about it is a very strong fragrance. I do not mind tho because i like the fragrance,but if you are sensitive to fragrance then this may not be for you. The fragrance is so strong that it stays fragrant after i put on my face and i can still smell it after one hour!

The texture is not very runny and blendable. I ussually use this to highlight my cheek bone and nose bridge. More than that would be too much on my taste. But if you like, you could also blend with your bb cream to achieve more glow. I also get a "dillemma" on using this NYMPH Aura, hehehe. It is too sticky that i do not feel comfortable about it, but if i dust it with powder, the glowy finish will be mattified as if you wear no NYMPH Aura beforehand.  

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nymph aura 2, contains shimmer and pink pigment


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I really like the finish. Healthy glow, because the undertone is pink!


I think NYMPH Aura is a good shimmering base, i like the finish of it. But i am still not sure whether i am going to purchase the full size of it due to the stickiness. You may like this if you do not mind sticky face and fragrance, because the pink undertone will really compliment the skintone. It gives off a healthy glow. 

Rating: 3/5
Buy full size? I am not sure

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