ELF Tone correcting concealer

11:57 AM

Concealer is a must have for me because i have this very heavy black under eye circle. Ya lah, if you sleep late everyday, then you gonna be like me, looks tired even when you are not.

This concealer was tagged for a cheap price $1, in USA and my junior kindly brought back this for me. So, i literally pay only 9000 rupiahs for concealer. 9000?? Cheap!! yah i know, this never happen in my life before too hahaha

My shade is rosy beige and it comes with a clear plastic packaging like this. Not very cute lha, but it is practical. This way i can see how much product left inside.

What i like about this:
- Feels light on my face
- Easy to blend. Very easy, actually
- It doesn`t break me out
- Somehow acts as higlighter too, it brightens my face a little bit

What i dont like about ELF Tone correcting concealer:
- Just a sheer coverage
- Does not cover my under eye circle well
- Can be a little greasy sometimes
- The staying power is so so, around 4 hours.


I use this on my natural make up tutorial "Just enough glow". Though does not cover as much, this baby gives you radiant skin, that is why i still keeping it hehehe. 

Final verdict: 3/5
Repurchase: No, lha, i want to try another concealer

By the way,
I am joining circlelenses giveaways. I hope i can win ya hahaha because i do not own any circle lens, yet i am too coward to try one. Poking my own eyes to put on the lenses seems to scary hehehe. But yeah, i really wish that i could have one to try. If you want to join the giveaways, there are two

Good luck girls!

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  1. itu beneran 9000???

    new followers...kalau gak keberatan follow danmain ke blog aku ya ^^

    1. Iya sungguan hehehe okee.. bakal main2 kesana hehehe

  2. kyny terlalu cair ya han ._. tp itu murah bgt ya km beli dgn harga aslinya 9rb xD

    1. iya sih, konsistensinya runny. Tapi lumayan oke lha ya.. hehehe kalau di aku sudah nutup dark spots.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! It will be great to follow each other, I am following you now via GFC! :)

    you have a very cute blog, I like it!


    1. Thank Your, i have followed your blog now :)

  4. aku pernah punya ini han~ cuman salah beli shadenya jadi ga cocok banget ke aku..trus terlalu cair kalau menurutku :(
    Btw senangnya bisa beli dengan harga aslinya~ murah banget dibawah 10rb :p

    1. hehehe iya cair, tapi lumayan nutup di aku sha hehehe iya beruntung banget, kapan lalu habis 400 ribu dapat segambreng! hehehe


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