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9:19 PM

Hi everyone!!
I am in such a happy mood today. Three days ago, at 4 June, i finally had my trial and i had to defend my thesis. I was so skeptical, and nervous whether i can do great or not because i knew my thesis had a lot of flaw >.< OMONAAAA….
And yeah, my lecturer was asking me a lot of questions! UHUK UHUK and i have A LOT to revise. The only thing they said i did good was my defends! They said “ Your thesis has a lot to revise but you defend it great, so we appreciate it. You got A, and you PASS!”

jn 033

Praise the Lord!!
Those debates competitions proved to be useful at the end.
and of course YOU YOU YOU girls (tunjuk satu – satu) who had helped me filling up the questionaires, I am so grateful! I even did a splurge yesterday when buying the giveaway presents, I bought pretty much two of every prize >.<, like two Etude House CC Cream, two Immaculate and two ELF Sunkissed and mascara, one for the winner and one for me hehehe..  I also had a Jenni Rivera Pallete from BH Cosmetics coming.. So happy…
So, among 159 people who helped me during the research,

I have sent the email to you and please choose which one do you like American Brand or Korean Brand. I am waiting for it.. I will wait 2 x 24 hours if you dont reply i will choose another winner
For you who has not win this time, please continue help me. I have two research about woman empowerment and body dissatisfaction coming up. I will need people for my respondent and of course i will do MORE amazing giveaway.
Stay tune!


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  1. Belum beruntung deh kali ini >_<
    Congratz untuk pemenangnya. Gpp belum menang, yang penting udah ditunjuk oleh Hana Hahahaha

    Congratz Hana dapet A bokkk. Tambah semangat dandan donk? Hihihi

  2. Selamat Na.....
    Wah, semoga q bisa cepet nyusul deh (lulus) aminn

  3. Perjuangan banget degh buat Thesis nya dari galau ampe sekarang Berhasil . . ..
    Yeah, everything gonna be okay . . At least . .

  4. yeayy! congratz Hana~~ Bener kan pasti kelar. :D Uda lega banget dong skarang. hehe

  5. Congratulation beb ! <3 A " WOW" XOXO

  6. selamat ya udah kelar perjuangannya :) dan selamat juga buat yang udah menang ^_~


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