Life in Pictures #Chapter 1

12:04 PM

drugs composition

I got measles earlier this month and rewarded with a flock of drugs.

afs 6Allright, i coach another musical play after the never forgotten Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih Musical play (read here). I  and talent show team coached 57 students!! A lot! And we pull it up to a great show. Thanks all and to the students, i hope you will always have INDONESIA in your hearts!

fun sleepover

Have the LAST SLEEPOVER with my besties, Mega, Kath, and Ryma. We are going to graduate and soon will be busy adapting to our new jobs. I am so grateful i have them. I totally going to miss you!


I got myself a new pallete from BH cosmetics, probably i am going to use this for my graduation ceremony. Oya, i am cleaning up my make up and will be holding a big preloved sale sometimes around next week.

I watched Dr Seuss: Lorax with my students earlier this week and i found this amazing quote in the end of the story..

I hope we care enought o our surroundings. That way we can make it better :)


And by the way…

I am thinking of pursuing a master degree in Psychology.

Where should i go? Any suggestion?

Much love, Hana

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