B.liv Skincare Products Review (Sponsored)

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Last month, B.liv contacted me to review some of their products. B.liv is a wellknown brand released by Cellnique, a Singapore – Malaysia based company. They offer the finest treatment for many skin problems such as dehydration, large pores, black head, fine lines and many more. By the goodness of their skincare, b.liv wants to inspire us, to live the moment.

They kindly asked me what is my skin problem through email and carefully address my skin problem with amazing answers. The answers were sent along these four products for me to use and benefit. I am really impressed with their professionalism! They sent the products by DHL and everything was arrived in perfect condition. For my large pores and blackhead problem, I got 2 IMMERSE ME masks, 2 GLOW AND SHINE masks, SHRINK AND TIGHTEN serum, and OFF WITH THOSE HEADS serum.

My first impressions about them were WOW, GREAT PACKAGING! They are all look so professional, well sealed, and yeah, especially for shrink and tighten, they even add one more plastic packaging. Two thumbs up for the effort!

bliv skincare


bliv off with


  • Contain 15 ml
  • Price: $ 49 or 490.000 rupiahs

bliv off 2

bliv off3  

When i first use this, i feel it kinda stingy. But it is normal. Just like what it says in the precaution above, after the first stinging time, i feel the stinging sensation never occurs for more. I feel the oil control benefit after around one week, before that, it did not make any difference yet. I also felt that my skin (especially nose area) become very cracky and dry on the first week. The foundation and bb cream won`t blend nicely, and i could see clearly dry skin showing off. Later i learn that if i put more moisturizer and use Immerse me mask, the dry skin were gone in a jab.  Just bare in mind to put more moisturizer, allright?

bliv offf4

The serum is murky white colored and one pump is enough for the problematic area such as T Zone. I like how it is packed with pump because it is soooo hygienic, i could not love it more!

Shrink and Tighten

bliv shrink2

  • Price = $49/ 490.000 rupiahs
  • Contain 15 ml of serum

Now, to the miracle! I like shrink and tighten very much because it does make a wonderful job diminishing my pores. Oh, on me, it casts away some redness too. My face is less red and more even in tone.

bliv shrink n tighten

It is a lot like a water. Very liquid. So, 1 to 3 drops are enough for my T zone area where the pores were considerably huge.

blic shrink1I use the off those heads in the morning. After washing my face, i apply toner, and then apply the serum. Whereas shrink and tighten is for night time.  I use this for around 1, 5 months and i have got a great result.





So, i believe in B.liv. I really like the result hehehe. I have a Bliv masks review coming soon, girls, so please stay tune!




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  1. Woahhhh, amazing han!!!
    Kayak di potosop bok afternya, sumpah keren!
    Mupeng jadinya... Liat reviewnya shasha jg bagus.. Tp mahal yaaa hikss...

    1. tapi hasilnya memang bener bagus kok yes :D *nimburng kasih racun*

  2. hebat ye han
    itu pipi yang merah bisa langsung hilang
    tapi pricey ya, 490K ORZ

  3. My skin is oily. I used some chemical products before, they were not good for my skin. Is this one is good for oily skin??? My skin is very sensitive so now I prefer natural products.

    obagi nu derm starter kit

  4. I have adult acne. I have sensitive skin so i need natural products for my face. Sincerely Tammy


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