My contour hero: NYX Single Eyeshadow in Brown

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So, here we go! My contouring hero is here!
bb 280

The packaging is that simple black plastic with a clear top. Looks professional and it actually drop – proof. I can not remember how many times i drop this but the eyeshadow is densely packed so it never cracked nor shattered. The packaging is going healthy over the months, the only complaint i have maybe sometimes it is hard to open. But that is about it.

bb 282

I am quite fair in real life, so it is quite tricky for me to find a contour product. I don`t want to end up like ganguro or oopa loompa, so i am pretty cautious with a strong brown color or orange brown, It just does not look right on me.

What you girls see up there is actually a single eyeshadow from NYX shade number 05, BROWN. The color is matte with medium pigmentation. I like matte contouring over shimmer because they just look more natural. The color is a bit darker then NAKED shade in Naked Pallete 1, so it is just perfect to contour.

bb 285

The shade is way to blend and just looks natural. It slimmed down my cheek naturally. The pan is actually not that small i can dip my contour brush in.

bb 288

This is the kind of color that i would wear everyday, very neutral. Sometimes i even use this as brow powder and eyeshadow. It stays a long time. I like it.

bb 291 

Although matte, it is not chalky and not much powdery or fall out. It has decent quality and pigmentation. I think i bought this for around 65.000 or $6. Please don`t quote me on this. It has been months ago hehehehe. If you would like to see the result on me, i actually used this for contouring on my Dull to Doll look last month.


I solely using the NYX ES 05 for cheek contouring and i mix it with NAKED shade from Urban Decay for the nose. I recommend the product, i think it is fairly affordable and when you can get multipurpose product,ex: for eyeshadow and also for brow powder, what do you have to lose? NADA. NONE. But i think it would work on a fair skintone only, like NC 20 – 25 on MAC, if you have darker tones, you might try on the darker shade.
Rating: 4/5

Much Love,


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