Semarang for a day

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  Hi darl!
Thank you very much for all of you who has support my research. In two days, i got 50 questionaires filled! Woooo hooo.. Hug you one by one!
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I just got back from Semarang, the capital city of Central Java. It was a great experience for me i think it would be great to share for you. I have a bunch of stories to tell, but i think it would be great to start with this one.

Semarang for a day 

I got the chance to explore Semarang for a day, and this was where i went.
Follow me!

For a starter, i went to Pagoda Watugong. Way way up near the mountain~
The air was clear and you can see the pagoda mightily stand, overpowering another building. We went there by taxi and it costs us quite a lot *Huk huk*. 50.000 rupiahs from Soegijapranata Catholic University to the Pagoda.

It was worthwhile because the Pagoda was beautiful and skilfully crafted!
Here is my favorite statue. Looking cute but RAWWRRR at the same time

Outside the Pagoda, there is this Budha Statue and Bodhi Tree that was planted since hundres years ago. The tree was HUGE and ENORMOUS. 

And this is my photo with my friends. Look like smurfs compared to the Pagoda hahaha

Then we are off to Kota Lama. If Jakarta has Kota Tua, then Semarang has Kota Lama. The buildings were ancient, all are heritages from British colonization long time ago. Kota lama is really great for taking pictures. I find myself getting a good facebook profile picture there *get slapped* hahaha. You have to visit Blenduk Church, and Jiwasraya building. Beautiful leh!

Blenduk Church (GPIB Immanuel)
Pretty? Yaaa, it is not losing from Trinity Church in New York lha. This church has its own mystery

Five minutes from Kota Lama, we visited Lawang Sewu the icon of Semarang. This building is famous for its horror. It was widely said there are many ghosts inside, peeking from the 1000 doors. Seriously by the time i wrote and resized the pictures i got a sketch >.< Hopefully can sleep tonight!

You see? It looks like a house from Dark Shadows. Hyaaa.. I actually got a bad experience with Lawang Sewu, we paid the ticket for $6 (a group) and the ticket lady said easily, " No tour guide for you, just stay on safe area." I was like ," Seriously?! The building is very sketchy, no tour guide means no deep exploration, means bored. Gimme back my money" Blah! But i did not say directly leh, afraid something bad happen to me in that creepy building

Those are all doors, and there are hundreds more in Lawang Sewu.

OK, Done with Lawang Sewu. Creepy ! hahaha. Lets move to Gang Lombok!
Here is another Buddhist temple, but i really love the atmosphere, it looks like China and those kungfu stories! hahaha

Pretty! hahaha..


I was so happy that i got time to travel around. If you would like to travel around Semarang, you only need pretty much a day. We rent a car, and travel in six people. We spent 300.000 or $30 for the car. Divide by six, it is $5 per pax. Cheap! Plus eatery and ticket, i spent $10 in total. 

Okay, i hope you are having fun glancing Semarang through this post hehehe.
I would tell you about what i learned through my last competition on the next post 
and then i may flood you with those beauty reviews routine!

Ah ya, do not forget to join my giveaway!
Bye, chicas!
Love yaaaaa


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  1. Wow Nice trip ^_^
    Semoga Thesisnya bisa berjalan dengan lancar ya ^_^

  2. I am from Semarang, glad to know that you enjoyed your trip dear

    1. Oya? waaa tau gitu kita kopi darat deh mba.. sekarang di semarang? kapan2 kalo saya ke semarang lagi ketemuan yuk


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