Best Local Eyeliner: PIXY Perfect Eyeliner Review

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早安, pretties!

Today i am back with a new segment on my blog. I have been thinking to perk things up with reviewing local and budget beauty stuff exclusively. And here I am today i am bringing you one of the best local eyeliners, especially if you are a beginner.

C360_2013-12-10-07-51-53-528PIXY PERFECT EYELINER

Price: 31.000 to 35.000

Content: 5 ml

Description: Waterproof liquid eyeliner to make your eyes more beautiful


It comes with only one shade, i think. And it is BLACK


These are the ingredients. It has listed alcohol as one of the ingredients, i thought it is going to make my eye teary. But no, it does not. It turns out to be well applied and the formula is eye friendly


To be honest, pixy was my first ever eyeliner brand. Back then the packaging is all pink. The eyeliner evolved with a new packaging, which i think, BETTER. I like black packaging because it is less dirty and the packaging now somehow looks classier than the previous one.


Packaging may change. Gladly the signature pen like brush is still the same! The brush is stiff with pointy ends, we called it felt tip eyeliner. This time, it is really a matter of preference, but i do like this brush better than thin brush eyeliner. It makes my life easier.

The brush was helpful for beginner me :) it helped me draw eyeliner easily. Eventhough, after 2 – 3 weeks of using the eyeliner, the felt tip started to fall apart and going blahhh –____- But hey, it is only 3 bucks anyway, buying a new one won`t be that hurt to our pocket :)

Now, let`s test it out!

PhotoGrid_1386637571508 1. This was when it was first applied. I waited for 10 to 15 seconds for it to dry. And the finish was a jet black color. It looks matte from afar but if i look at it real closely, it has a tad bit of glossy finish to it.


2. Now, first test :)! I rubbed it hard and this was what happened. Some of the color came off leaving a mild black stain.

So… Smudgeproof? 2,5 / 5

This eyeliner would work best for you who got double eyelids.

3. Second test.. I poured water to it, and it did not budge. Good! But as the water flowed it carried some of the pigments. It became grey water, leaving a greyish area underneath

Waterproof? 3/5

4. Third test, i rubbed the eyeliner when wet. And.. Goodbye @__@ hehehe. Lesson learned, don`t rubbed your eyes while you are crying, your eyeliner would smudged to pieces.

Waterproof? 3/5


Eye of The Day ~~~

C360_2013-12-10-07-57-43-783 And.. This is how it looks on me. Today i am using a beige colored base shadow and dark purple to contour the outer V. Simple eye make up for office lha :). I lined my eyes using PIXY and so far, it looks pretty neat.


I gave 3/5 rating to this eyeliner. This is one of a great beginner eyeliner, felt tip, good formula, good packaging, and most of all, AFFORDABLE. With those in mind, this eyeliner is worth buying.

再見, ladies!

Love, Hana

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  1. Kemasannya maniis hitam-pink.. Pengen euy..makasi review ny ya ci..
    Btw blog mu dah aq follow :-)


  2. Cute packagingnya ^0^
    Kayaknya lumayan juga ya buat selingan eyeliner :D

    Nice review dear ♥♥♥

    1. iya say.. lumayan bagus :) thanks for visiting

  3. Ini sama maybelline hypergloss bagusan mana ? Hehe dulu temen ad yg pake pixy eyeliner tapi yang packaging lama. Awet bgt dimata dia.. Msh sama kah formulanya? Hehehe

    1. hmmm kuasnya beda er, kalau maybelline hypergloss kuasnya tipis jadi lebih presisi tapi juga lebih susah pakenya. Kalau ini kuas jadi gendut hasil line nya.. hmm kalo aku bilang 11 - 12 ya.. kalo dilihat dari gampang nggaknya pemakaian aku lebih milih pixy sih :)

  4. I love CS liquid eyeliner, kapan2 aku review di blog ya ce. $2.48, kalo dolar normal 9000-an dia cuma 40-45ribu and it really beats the crap out of dollywink. ga ada saingan deh si CS, tetep kerennggg! XD
    kapan2 boleh dicoba...kalo CS abis. *lirik stok CS 4 botol*

    1. iyaa lin :) ayok ripiu :).. ini beli dimana sih lin? beneran deh aku cari dimana mana susah..

  5. diaku si pixy ini kuasnya lama2 melebar :( jadi swatchnya tebel bgt kesannya .


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