Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

6:55 PM

Yes, this is the famous Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner!

Someone kind got me a set containing two gel eyeliners in shade sephia ink and black ink, include with the eyeliner brush. How could i not? All the make up gurus on youtube are swearing by it. I really thought that this eyeliner is very awesome.

bobbi brown1

The gel comes in glass tube with black cap. Quite heavy for such a small jar. I have using it for months now and it never gone out! Arghhh.. so clearly two jars are too much for me and i can not hold myself to use the sephia ink one. in the end i decided to sell it to my fellow beauty blogger friends. Yeaaaaaa, before i said good bye to it, i would like to give it some review.


The price is 280.000 a jar. So expensive! And today i just sold it away for 60.000.

MY HEART… is bleeding..

But for me, make up is like a baby. It will be sad if i don`t use it. So, instead of staying with such a neglected mom like me, i better let it go for a better owner.

GOODBYE, darling….

So… blessed those who get my preloved! Please take care of my baby well #bow

bobbi brown2

Speaking of quality, i will say that this gel eyeliner is exceptionally great. I used it for my clients and it really stays all day. You just need to dab eyeshadow over it or double it with black eyeliner.

A bonus fun with this eyeliner is that, you can change the color! Woo hoo :)… I ever try to dab blue eyeshadow over this eyeliner, and i got that pretty blue smokey eyes.

The texture is good for eyelining, dry fast and we can smudge for a natural result. This eyeliner supposed to be a keep for me, unfortunately it is not my cup of tea. My eyelid type is monolid with oily surface. Eventhough this eyeliner is considered to be almighty, it won`t stay unless i double it with liquid eyeliner. The problem? I have no time putting double – double hassle like that.

That is why, this baby ends up in the edge of my vanity table.

Poor girl….


Almighty indeed, but it is not meant for Hana :). Girls, i originally want to give you swatch and try out pics as well, but those pics are in my other laptop. #bow #bow #very sorry. So i hope my review is enough hehehe.

Anyhow, i would recommend this for you who has double eyelid and double pocket thickness. hehehe. I believe this baby will worth your money.

See you around.


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  1. Iya...aku juga sukaa sama gel liner ini....
    Dulu pernah punya tapi ilang ga tau kececeran dimana waktu dibawa mudik lebaran taun lalu.,.#pingin nangis...mana mahal harus nabung2 dulu sampe sekarang blum kebeli2 ...hiks...
    Salam kenal yaaaa...

  2. iya paling benci yaa kalau alat make up kesayangan hilang. Aku juga pernah ngerasain. Gemes banget rasanya >.<.
    Salam kenal ya hen...
    aku udah follow blogmu :)


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