Cow Brand: Skinlife Facial Foam Review

8:12 PM

Currently this facial foam is my daily savior from acne. I got this from Guardian Jakarta for 70.000 or $7 a bottle. Quite pricey compared to my usual Garnier`s but in opinion, this facial foam works really well in making my skin better
C360_2014-03-24-19-49-41-059C360_2014-03-24-19-50-10-854Cow brand is a Japanese Brand, quite popular in its home country. Their products are made from milk, real milk. and that is the key point why we should give this brand a try.
C360_2014-03-24-19-50-33-639The tube is hygienic, fun to use and dispense a correct amount of product for each use. The foam is so soft and smells good! Do you know how some acne facial foam always leave our face tight after washing?
This Skinlife acne facial foam does different thing.
I feel like my face is smooth to touch. The big pimple going smaller and the smaller pimple slowly going away from my face. In short, this stuff works well.
I also recommended this to my friends. Guys with acne problem and they like it too. I even get compliment because recommending a good stuff to them.
I give this facial foam 5/5 rating!
Hahaha, i hope you like it too.

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  1. aku pernah pakai ini han, awalnya cocok n bagus, tp lama2 jadi minyakan..pdhl jenis kulitku normal-dry >_<
    di kamu cocok yaa ^^


    1. so far nggak minyakan seh wi.. untung.. aku pake sekitar sebulanan. Tapi kadang aku masih pakai garnier actifruit yang orange.. Gantian gitu deh :)

  2. wah bneran bs untuk jerawat nih? jd pngen nyobain juga deh...

    1. iya bisa tuh glo :) jerawatnya jadi cepet kering :)

    2. btw aku nominasikan kamu dalam Sunshine Blogger Award ya Hana... ^^

  3. wah kayaknya bagus + gak mahal nih *_* jadi pengen coba
    anyway love your banner on top of this blog ! pretty !
    mind to follow each other ?
    i've already followed you..

  4. 70rb? uda naik ya harganya? Perasaan dulu 50rb lebih deh. Jadi makin mundur teratur begitu harganya naik. haha

  5. I love milk scented foam. Thanks for the review!


  6. thanks reviewnya jadi pengen banget coba ;)

  7. i love this too, the cow brand just so great! love this japanese brand.
    the also sells this brand.


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